Diplomats in Malaysia are accused of returning to homeland after raping women in New Zealand peepsamurai

Malaysia diplomat accused former diplomat Mohamed returned to Malaysia in Zal Mann stood in the compartment after the rape of women in new zealand. (photo source: Xinhua new law) New Zealand court announced on the 4, sentenced to molesting New Zealand women’s former Malaysia diplomat Mohamed • Zal Ishmael Ben Ben 9 months of house arrest. At this point, the two countries around the diplomatic turmoil of Rizal Man "results."". [laughter] because the spur of the moment in May 9, 2014, Rizal Man was Malaysia’s ambassador to New Zealand Embassy military attache. The Embassy of New Zealand in the outskirts of the capital Wellington, Rizal Man followed Tania Billingsley home in Billingsley’s house "latent" about 30 minutes, then the naked body, into her bedroom and asked her to have sexual relations. Court documents showed that Billingsley screamed, struggled, pushed Rizal Man out of the bedroom, and then ran into the bathroom to call the police. Police confirmed that Billingsley had many wounds and suffered serious psychological trauma. However, Rizal Man is by virtue of diplomatic immunity to make New Zealand Public opinion is seething with indignation. Tab: Zal Mann and Billingsley. (photo source: Internet) where Zal was extradited to new zealand. He pleaded guilty to indecent assault in November last year, but pleaded not guilty to attempted rape and burglary charges. Judge David Collins announced the house arrest judgment to Rizal Man on 4 july. Collins said, "you’ve threatened miss Billingsley…… A young woman like her, alone at home, in the bedroom, should feel safe." Collins said that Billingsley’s "terrible" encounter should not happen, Rizal Man’s behavior is premeditated". However, there was no sexual relationship between the two. "You put a smile having become sexually suggestive, and deliberately shadowed and long time in her house," Collins said. [will be expelled] Wellington, Embassy of Malaysia. (photograph: Internet) Rizal Man’s house arrest was arranged at a house, not a Malaysia Embassy in new zealand. After the end of the sentence, he will be deported from new zealand. Rizal Man’s lawyer, Donald Stevens, had previously asked the court to give a lighter sentence on the grounds of Zal’s mental illness, but the prosecution refused to accept the reason. Rizal Man is 39 years old. Less than two weeks after the incident, he returned to Malaysia as diplomat. Billingsley came out to expose the incident and criticized the New Zealand government for allowing Rizal Man to return to China instead of facing the legal trial in New Zealand, which made the New Zealand government bear enormous pressure of public opinion for a while. Rizal Man (right). (photo source: Xinhua law new). The New Zealand government then released behind the scenes negotiations between the two countries, saying that the Macedonian side refused to give up Rizal Man’s diplomatic immunity and asked the new party to give up the accusation against him. Malaysia’s foreign minister Arni Oman responded that Malaysia katahara intend to give up Rizal Man’s diplomatic immunity, but the new party said he can return home. New Zealand foreign minister Murray Maikali apologizes for the handling of New Zealand’s foreign affairs department. According to New Zealand, the position of New Zealand officials may make Malaysia mistakenly believe that New Zealand does not oppose putting Zal back home. Eventually, Malaysia agreed to put Rizal Man 6

马来西亚外交官被控在新西兰强奸妇女后回国 马来西亚前外交官穆罕默德・里扎尔曼站在被告席内。(图片来源:新华 法新) 新西兰法院4日宣布,判处猥亵新西兰女子的马来西亚前外交官穆罕默德・里扎尔曼・本・伊斯梅尔9个月软禁。 至此,两国围绕里扎尔曼的外交风波“有了结果”。 [因笑起意] 案发2014年5月9日,里扎尔曼当时是马来西亚驻新西兰使馆武官。在使馆所处的新西兰首都惠灵顿郊区,里扎尔曼尾随塔妮娅・比林斯利回家,在比林斯利屋外“潜伏”约30分钟,而后赤裸下身,闯入她的卧室,要求与其发生性关系。 法庭文件显示,比林斯利尖叫挣扎,把里扎尔曼推出卧室,继而跑进卫生间打电话报警。警方证实,比林斯利身上有多处伤痕,而且受到严重心理创伤。 然而,里扎尔曼却凭借外交豁免权回国,令新西兰舆论哗然。 接片:里扎尔曼和比林斯利。(图片来源:互联网) 里扎尔曼后被引渡回新西兰。他去年11月承认猥亵罪名,但不承认强奸未遂和入室抢劫罪名指控。 法官戴维・柯林斯4日向里扎尔曼宣布软禁判决。柯林斯说:“你恐吓了比林斯利女士……她这样的年轻女子,独自在家,身处卧房,本应感觉安全。” 柯林斯说,比林斯利的“可怕”遭遇不该发生,里扎尔曼的行为是“有预谋的”。不过,两人并没有发生性关系。 “你把微笑错解成了性暗示,从而蓄意尾随并长时间等在她的屋外,”柯林斯说。 [将被驱逐] 惠灵顿,马来西亚使馆。(图片来源:互联网) 里扎尔曼的软禁地点安排在一处寓所,而非马来西亚驻新西兰使馆。刑期结束后,他将被新西兰驱逐出境。 里扎尔曼的律师唐纳德・史蒂文斯先前以里扎尔曼有精神疾病为由,要求法院从轻判处,但控方拒不接受这一理由。 里扎尔曼现年39岁。案发后不到两周,他凭借外交官身份回到马来西亚。比林斯利站出来曝光这一事件,批评新西兰政府允许里扎尔曼回国而不是在新西兰面对法律审判,令新西兰政府一时间承受巨大舆论压力。 里扎尔曼(右)。(图片来源:新华 法新) 新西兰政府随后公开了两国之间的幕后交涉,说马方拒绝放弃里扎尔曼的外交豁免权,要求新方放弃对他的指控。 马来西亚外交部长阿尼法・阿曼则回应称,马方原打算放弃里扎尔曼的外交豁免权,但新方表示他可以回国。 新西兰外长默里・麦卡利就新西兰外交部门的处理方式道歉。按照新西兰方面解释,新西兰官员的表态可能使马来西亚误以为,新西兰不反对放里扎尔曼回国。 最终,马来西亚同意把里扎尔曼引渡回新西兰并接受审理。(记者陈立希,编辑李宏,新华国际客户端报道) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章:

Battleship world, the new version of the official launch of the online center model today synnex

"World of Warcraft" version of the line today officially launched today center mode "battleship world" officially ushered in the new version of 0.5.11, the much anticipated center was officially launched, armor view function will also be added to the game, as well as a new map will be added to the game. With the update of the new content, the game is bound to be more rich gameplay. On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, the new version of the game will allow the players to spend a colorful moon cake festival. [a] "world of Warcraft world of Warcraft World War" to reproduce the large sea real, the history of the most famous warships in handling the ocean, this is really a different new experience. "Battleship world" is produced by the Belarus war game research and development company Wargaming, the exclusive operation of the air network in mainland China, the world famous war trilogy third. Game history set in the first half of twentieth Century, players will control different types of warships and enemies in the vast sea battle. The future will be linked with tanks, fighters. "Battleship world" official micro signal: wows-kzw "battleship world" official website:相关的主题文章:

The mission of friendship with the choice between sparrow Man Battle triggered at any moment – Sohu www.277.cc

The mission of friendship with the choice between "sparrow" Man Battle – Chen deep entertainment Sohu triggered at any moment (played by Li Yifeng) and Bi Zhongliang (played by Zhang Luyi) Chen Shen (played by Li Yifeng) and the Tangshan sea (played by Zhang Ruoyun) Sohu entertainment Spy Drama "sparrow" film continues today, even exposed two man play video trailers, Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun interpretation between the three men frenemy struggle, sparks, climax.     a cutting head for the neck of the brotherhood between Li Yifeng played by Chen Shen and Zhang Luyi as Bi Zhongliang, former battlefield Chen deep saved Bi Zhongliang’s life, and the way Bi Zhongliang help protect Chen deep faith, however different they are doomed will start the brutal battle of life and death, although the wine, but many had pulled out a gun, the snare game between the brothers and cruel reality. But Chen deep and Zhang Ruoyun plays Tang Shanhai each belong to different camps, but have the same mission, the two men are also friends, rivals, and rival. Trailers, two people Freemasonry heart the same woman, tangled in the heart secretly contest; one country, they have the tacit understanding, bloody forward.     how deep is the trust and understanding between brothers? Step by step and to what extent? The man at a crucial moment magnitude contest is slowly opened, the gun was loaded, triggered at any moment. September 5th Hunan TV Golden theater broadcast only "sparrow" launched, please look forward to.相关的主题文章:

[Kim] Shuangseqiu lottery treasure turn 16121 forecast 2 anti tail out of basketball foxpro6.0免费下载

[Kim] Shuangseqiu lottery treasure turn 16121 forecast: 2 basketball anti tail out [] turn Shuangseqiu lottery treasure gold 121 forecast: 010831 the red bile 120th lottery Shuangseqiu: 0205062125 28—09 121 ideas: first, in 01, tail number is set at 31. With the same tail tail: 5 out of 8, this period value with the tail, optimistic about the 0818 heavy number: number 1, the reference period 1, number 25 numbers: the period of 1, the 1 2425, even considering the blue tail analysis: recent parity number is even odd odd even even odd Kiki even even and odd, this period value even number for the small size of the recent big tail and small small small, this period value quality is the number decimal tail recent crude crude crude photosynthetic matter, combined together, this period value prime tail 8 plus three 3: 01081318242530 31—02 1012 bile red zone; 010831 blue zone alone Dan: 12 [121] Shuangseqiu lottery treasure: 020708 of the three common basketball forecast 120 lottery results: analysis of 020506212528 + 09 and 8 values: the period of red 7, the period and the value in the 93–97, the three area ratio of 3:1:2, this period attention repeat number 02, even 0203. Red zone: 5, number 12113, the 02 road is good. This recommendation, red two district 01020308: 5, number 32221, the 12 road is good. This recommendation, 13171822 red zone: 5, number 22332, the 01 road is good. The recommended 24262931 basketball analysis: basketball out large 09, number 0, road lamps tail. The current concern about anti prime, 2; tail out. Red outsole: 0102030813171822 Danma 24262931 red   031326 blue four yards   02070812 basketball three bile   020708 blue area code   02相关的主题文章:

To buy Apple 6S mobile phone 13 year old grandmother ran out of subsistence allowances have been che pigeon blood

To buy Apple 6S mobile phone 13 year old grandmother spent subsistence has cheated recently, Jiulongpo a student because of "gullible online free iPhone6s nouveau riche" scams, scammers cheated thousands of yuan. The money was cheated, the student from his grandmother to receive a minimum of the bank card removed. Lee, who lives in Jiulongpo district. In August this year, he saw such a message in the QQ space: "sister free nouveau riche poly popularity, iPhone6s, QQ,????????, only need to forward this message and screenshots, and then you can get the nouveau riche sister, iPhone6s free". Out of curiosity, Lee in accordance with the requirements of the other forwards and screenshots, and then get in touch with each other. Each other in the registration of Lee’s name, contact information, address, told Lee phone can receive, but requires 50 yuan courier fee. Lee felt the express fee of $50 can get a iPhone6s mobile phone is very cost-effective, so readily to the other QQ paid envelopes. Unexpectedly, the other has to pass the fees, fees, deposit and the name of activation requesting the remittance, Mike was blinded has to turn to the other side of 3000 yuan, until not contact each other, Li Moucai realized that cheated. Due to the early death of Lee’s parents, grandparents live. The cheated money, Lee secretly received from the grandmother of guaranteeing the bank card out. Lee know after being cheated did not dare to tell Grandpa and grandma, but not alarm. Until recently, grandma to use the money card, Li Moucai had to say cheated thing. Police analysis, similar to the "nouveau riche free iPhone6s" hoax, has been able to succeed, there are the following reasons: first, the population age is too small, easily deceived; at the beginning of two, free registration name, address and telephone number, and then asked to pay 50 yuan fee, most people will think 50 yuan can for thousands of dollars worth of mobile phone, you can try; three, under normal circumstances, pay the express fee after asked again remittance, many people will be suspicious, but just this group of small age, poor awareness of fraud prevention, so was the other to the clearance fees, fees, margin activation is some four, defrauding tens of thousands; the group can operate independently of the bank card online payment. Therefore, the police tips: do not easily believe that the sky pie thing, once deceived to immediately alarm. Newspaper reporter Jing Ran相关的主题文章:

Zhejiang satellite TV to create a comedy of the total mobilization of comedy because of serio quickchm

Zhejiang satellite TV to create a "comedy story"   because of serious and powerful Comedy – the media – people.com.cn original title: Comedy for serious and powerful Wu Xiubo (left) and Guo Degang as "Nemo" comedy show host before the original comedy variety show "comedy story" in Zhejiang TV broadcast. It can be seen from the name, comedy is no doubt still a major trump card. However, in recent years, with the herd of many similar programs, how to play this card, is the industry and the audience really concern. In 2014, the joy of media to create "The Legendary Swordsman" break out, known as the "dark horse" variety; in April last year, the original cast again launched a "happy comedy", quickly became a comedy variety and a successful work. This year, the two programs were broadcast in the third quarter and the second quarter, once again popular. The Zhejiang satellite TV to join hands to create a happy comedy comedy, the first introduction of the cross-border star + professional comedy model. It is generally believed that tragedy is serious and comedy is not serious. Comedy can be serious in terms of the theme, and the good comedy must be serious, because its seriousness is full of strength. The true comedy of the crossover and the professional comedian in the comedy of comedy is attached to serious themes. The first phase of the program, Jia Ling, Chen He, the old partner for many years, will be based on the story of the story of the adaptation of the story of the "Hello, I’m going to move to the stage", according to the personal experience of the author of the. Jia Ling will be buried in the bottom of 10 years of real experience into the creation, works by Jia Ling and his mother began playing in front of the stage, heighten the atmosphere better between mother and daughter happy. However, because of an unfortunate accident, the mother of Jia Ling, through to young mothers, to meet with the young mother, mother and daughter together in this time experienced a series of ridiculous stories. However, be a pleasant and short, small space conversion, when Jia Ling looked at the scene of mother and father with a curtain and yourself, love to the depths, choked several times. In order to make the story more complete expression, the program group for the first time in the comedy stage using multiple reset scene, the scene through the conversion of the audience as immersive, miss the time and space through the audience even more tears. "Hello, Li Huanying" set up a real sense of serious conflict, thus gaining the power of comedy. As the key figure in happy twist team, Shen Teng’s works have always been the pursuit of perfection. This time his partner actress Liu Tao, staged a thought-provoking works of "39". It is about a "nonsense" Shen Teng "terminally ill cancer", speak more than a limited number of words, will die. In the past to get along, Shen Teng do not know treasure, overwhelmed home to face his wife, only 39 words of life how to express, leaving the audience a great imagination. The essence of two works seemingly ironic, but is a serious conflict in the true sense, the core contains hidden tragedy, an important issue in life. The former tells us: in a timely manner filial piety, do not want to raise the child and the pro do not stay; the latter相关的主题文章:

4 Hunan officials plucking type corruption impersonator pension of nearly 200 thousand yuan – www.haole55.com

4 Hunan officials "plucking type corruption: impersonator pension of nearly 200 thousand yuan   – Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: Hunan Daoxian County bulletin 4 from plucking type corruption interception death pension, the insured pension, false impersonator to move their fishing people received the Commission, to the preservation of village construction the boss ask for benefits". 4 "plucking type corruption case before the Hunan province Daoxian County discipline bulletin. Daoxian County, former Vice Minister of Ministry of He Maoguo Qing town armed impersonator pension integrity violations of discipline. From 2009 to 2014, He Maoguo is responsible for the use of his position to facilitate the handling of Qing town of new rural social pension insurance business, personnel, and repeat the mistake of death by the insured deposit a total of 128 outlets, respectively, the rural credit cooperatives in Yongzhou City, Chenzhou city and other places, many times to take the old adoption insurance totaling 199295 yuan, and the money will be used for personal expenses. At present, He Maoguo was dismissed from office, and was transferred to judicial organs. Bai Ma Du Zhenyuan deputy mayor Feng Shengmao received the Commission for discipline violation clean". In January 2010, Feng Shengmao served as deputy mayor of the town of Daoxian County Bai Du period in ancient Mu Dong Cun to apply for fishermen relief funds in the process, two others received a commission of 4000 yuan. Feng Shengmao subject to administrative demerit. Daoxian County Water Conservancy Bureau staff He Puyu breach of integrity discipline receive benefits". In December 2014, He Puyu in Qiaotou town village to help Shima River clean-up projects in the process of accepting the village branch secretary Yang to send a commission of $40 thousand. December 2015, Daoxian County Commission for Discipline Inspection in the investigation of Yang disciplinary case, He Puyu will receive 40 thousand yuan benefits returned to yang. At present, He Puyu was reduced post rating. Daoxian County Shou Shou Yan Zhen Tan Fu Cun, former branch secretary He Qinghua, the former village committee director He Miao and the former village committee and discipline violation Secretary He Weizhi received the commission". In September 2011, three people in the village built ring village road in the process of charging the contractor $30 thousand commission". Currently, He Qinghua, He Miao, and are subject to the party to observe a year of punishment for the year of. ((reporter Zhou Nan): Zhou Tian, commissioning editor of Cardiology)相关的主题文章:

Han Han Ningbo restaurant closed by subsequent headquarters sent staff to understand the situation o zhongguorentiyishu

Han Han Ningbo restaurant closed by subsequent collection sent staff to understand the situation of "Han Han headquarters in Ningbo restaurant last month closed more than a dozen debt went to Hangzhou door collection" follow-up "glad to meet you, Hangzhou shop in Ningbo yesterday appointed Han Han catering company creditors Shanghai headquarters staff to Hangzhou suppliers who know will go to Shanghai to check the accounts for 26 days at noon, Mr. Sun and his friends passed by Han Han’s" nice to meet you "restaurant, see more than and 10 people holding a sign at the door again. Mr. Sun learned that these people come from Ningbo last month, "glad to meet you," the Ningbo store closed, doing business in Ningbo and they shop, after the collapse of all can not find people, but only to find the Hangzhou store. The police confirmed that this was indeed the case, and had sent a person to dissuade him in time. The day before yesterday morning, I arrived at the lakeside intime in77 on the first floor, "glad to meet you, Hangzhou shop, the restaurant is still in the normal business. It is understood that at the beginning of 2014, Han Han and partner of the establishment of the Shanghai Xiang Ye Catering Management Co. Ltd, to create "glad to meet you, and food and beverage brands in the past two years in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places to shop. I counted the number of restaurants in the country’s major cities in the number of stores, a total of 58, including Zhejiang, the door of the store, in addition to Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Shaoxing each one, has been closed on the list of the Ningbo shop. At noon, to eat a lot of customers. Most of the customers said that the reason to choose to come here to eat, are rushing to Han Han, before you did not hear someone come to Hangzhou shop, talk about the price, the price is acceptable. "Is a little less, taste good. Hangzhou this price is also quite a lot of shops, do not come here feel a grade, after all, Han Han high popularity ah! And friends about rice, said Han Han shop, we all understand." Yesterday, a female customer and two friends point 6 vegetables, consumption of about 400 yuan. As well as the customer said, "debt collection" is the store burned, as long as delicious, still want to come. Customers also know that the Ningbo shop closed. "Business dealings, sometimes funds zhouzhuanbukai, payment of arrears is normal, but reports said the boss can not find here, want to return the money can also understand, after all, the hanging is Han Han brand, but shareholders are not the same group of people do not know." Mr. Han said the customer. More than and 10 Ningbo suppliers from multiple industries to Hangzhou collection for "nice to meet you" Ningbo shop owed money the day before yesterday morning in front of the restaurant, I saw more than and 10 suppliers came from Ningbo. These suppliers have said that at the beginning and was very pleased to meet you, Ningbo shop cooperation, pre play money from Hangzhou, I am very pleased to meet you". They speculated that the two stores may have common shareholders. Last month, Ningbo shop closed, people can not contact, no way to Hangzhou." Fruit and vegetable suppliers, Mr. Sun said. It is understood that in August last year, I am very pleased to meet you, Ningbo shop opened, the business was very hot. Then the restaurant was customer complaints can not provide invoices, the local market supervision bureau investigation confirmed that the restaurant is flat相关的主题文章: