The price drops ride jumped 20% in response to monopoly prices – Sohu said the car-naughty怎么读

The price drops ride jumped 20% in response to monopoly prices – Sohu said "since the network about cars and car following the deal" was published, especially a bit after the acquisition of excellent step, "price drops" message will continue to stimulate the sensitive nerve of the passengers. Since last week, the price drops again rose. After the adjustment, the city of Beijing one person starting price (including three km mileage) from $10 adjusted to 12 yuan, since the per kilometer charge raised from $1.5 to $1.3, or about $20%. If people from Wangjing ride carpool to Financial Street now than before to spend nearly 6 yuan. Less than a year the price drops two times before using the ride frequently encountered no drivers are willing to take a single, but I believe the price is likely to improve." A frequently used passenger told reporters. But he also questioned, "if the ride continue to increase, will certainly attract full-time driver orders, then also called" free ride "?" But taking into account the recent rise in oil prices caused by rising car costs, the price may be a good thing for the driver. In fact, this is the second increase in price drops. At the end of last year, drops will ride fees from 1 yuan to 1.3 yuan per kilometer increase. For the ride of price adjustment, drops responded that is mainly on account of the ride orders process, owners of the existence of routing cost and time cost more. In order to realize the reasonable allocation of costs, encourage users to share travel, ride the drops rise in the price of the part of the city. Didi believes that this will help to share the healthy development of the travel industry. Before the Ministry of Commerce interviewed by travel, held a regular press conference at the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang again responded to the acquisition of excellent step China drops travel this hot topic. Shen Danyang said that in August 1, 2016, the amount of miles announced a global strategic agreement with the superior step, the acquisition of the assets of the excellent step china. August 2nd, the parties to the transaction to perform the registration of changes in equity, the completion of delivery. The case had not been declared to the Ministry of Commerce; after causing widespread concern in the community, there are also reports to the Ministry of Commerce to inform the parties not to declare the transaction. Shen Danyang said that the Ministry of commerce is in accordance with the "anti-monopoly law" and the "State Council on the standard for declaration of concentration of business operators provisions", "measures" and the "Declaration of concentration of business operators undeclared business law concentration investigation procedures" and other relevant laws and regulations on the case investigation according to law. As of now, Anti-monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce has interviewed two times by travel, asking them to explain the causes of transactions, undeclared, submit relevant documents and materials and put forward by the Ministry of Commerce of the list of issues; discussions with relevant departments and enterprises to understand the network about the car operation mode and related market competition. Next, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to promote the case investigation in accordance with the law, to protect fair competition in the relevant market, safeguard the interests of consumers and social public interests. The car drops equipped tachograph morning, 360 travel and travel platform reached a cooperation, drops the car drops will be the first batch of 360 equipped tachograph, two sides.)相关的主题文章:

Las tapas to create a flavor of the Spanish La Liga club – Sohu and feast-jessica rabbit

Las Tapas to create a flavor of the Spanish La Liga club – Sohu and feast on October 22nd, the Spanish occupation football league LaLiga to ED Wei Xuan group in the Huangpu River will be completed in the La Liga club announced Chinese (LaLiga Club), as Chinese La Liga in the only official fan club. To start the ceremony, the chairman of the LaLiga Javier Tebas, the legendary star Fernando · (Fernando, Morientes); Fernando Mitchell · Salgado (Michel Salgado), Fernando · Sanz (Fernando Sanz) and social celebrities, are present and support. Shanghai famous Spanish Restaurant Las Tapas offers classic Spanish snacks on the scene, lead guests and fans conducted a taste on the trip to spain. As a well-known Spanish restaurant in Shanghai, Las Tapas bring pure Spanish cuisine, but also carefully restored Spanish style. Red and black color is the classic Las Tapas restaurant’s iconic tone, harmonious impact of red and black symbolizes passion romantic spanish. Bright bright red, full of Latin music, let people into the restaurant as if bathed in the sunshine of the Mediterranean, to twist the body dance happy and carefree flamengo. At Las Tapas, the most difficult to resist is the top Iberian ham and paella. Ham slices quietly blooming with aromas of oak, Paella suck enough soup in a pan sizzles with carefully selected Spanish fruit wine, from the tip of the tongue to the apex and comfortable. In addition, Las Tapas offers more than 50 kinds of snacks and a selection of world and wine for customers. Whether it is a small private gathering, or multi party, Las Tapas are trying to convey the essence of authentic Spanish culture, so that every customer here to enjoy the happy time.相关的主题文章:

Microsoft cognitive open source Microsoft toolkit deep learning kit, to strengthen the learning

Heavy | Microsoft open source Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit deep learning toolkit, adding reinforcement learning elements – Sohu technology Author: Allison Linn Blog Microsoft from the heart of machines: Wu Pan, Li Yazhou compiled in today, Microsoft announced the release of the updated version of Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, which is a system for deep learning, can be used to speed up the development of CPU and NVIDIA GPU on the voice and image recognition and search relevance etc.. This toolkit, known as CNTK, was first developed by Microsoft computer scientists who want to do their research more quickly and efficiently. It was soon beyond the field of voice and evolved into a product, including some international leading home appliance manufacturers and Microsoft’s flagship product group (flagship product groups), customers rely on it to carry out a variety of deep learning tasks. A key architect Frank Seide Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit and chief scientist said: "we made it can be used in products of things from a research tool. "Frank Seide the latest version of the toolkit has now been released to GitHub via an open source certificate, which includes support for Python and C++ programming languages. Researchers can also use this new version to develop an artificial intelligence system called learning (reinforcement). Finally, the performance of the toolkit is also better than previous versions. It is also faster than other toolkits, especially when you need to run large data sets across multiple machines. In order to develop consumer products and professional products, this large-scale deployment is necessary for deep learning across multiple GPU. This is also the key to accelerating research breakthroughs. Last week, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Research announced in recognition of the dialogue has reached the level of human and. The team will be able to achieve this milestone behind the huge speed thanks to the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. The team that developed the Microsoft toolkit says its ability to work across multiple servers is a key advantage over other depth learning kits. Better performance and accuracy can be achieved when the Microsoft toolkit is used to solve larger data sets. Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit has a built-in algorithm to minimize the degradation of this computation (degradation of computation). "Use Min相关的主题文章:

RMB next month into the basket SDR IMF said the preparatory work carried out

SDR IMF said the yuan next month into the basket of the preparatory work carried out smoothly – Beijing, China News Agency, Washington, September 21 Xinhua (reporter Diao Haiyang) the RMB from October 1st onwards was officially incorporated into the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to create the SDR currency basket (SDR). IMF official 21, said at a briefing on the phone, the current preparatory work carried out smoothly. The organization will be announced in the next monetary quantity for each currency basket within 30 days this month. IMF strategy, policy and assessment director sidharth? Tiwari said 21 yuan into the basket will be SDR basket a historic expansion. This also means that the RMB will play a greater potential role in the future. IMF is studying, what will happen to SDR’s position in the international monetary system after the yuan enters the basket. Tiwari said that the relevant preparations for the yuan into the basket is steadily underway. IMF maintains close cooperation with the Chinese government to ensure a smooth transition. He said that since last November, the Chinese government has introduced a number of measures to prepare for the RMB into the basket. For example, China report of its foreign exchange reserves to the IMF parts, and constantly improve the quality Chinese banking, the international bank for reconstruction and development in China for the first time issued SDR denominated bonds and the people’s Bank of China authorized Chinese bank New York branch as the clearing bank for RMB business. The financial director IMF Andrew? Tweedy said the same day, the RMB basket preparations are advancing in the normal track, IMF and its member countries have made the corresponding preparations. Tweedy said, this month 30 days, IMF will announce the number of each currency in the SDR basket since October 1st the currency, the quantity of money will reflect the weight of each currency in the currency basket in SDR. He said that due to the current interest rate of RMB is higher than the interest rate of other currencies in the SDR, the RMB basket is expected to have a more moderate impact on SDR interest rates. Turning to the meaning of the yuan into the basket, Tiwari said that this is an important milestone in the integration process of China and the global financial system, the process of continuous reform in China play a role in recognition and strengthening. He said that with this fusion process continue to promote and deepen and other emerging market economies will make progress in this regard, the international monetary and financial system will be enhanced, which will support global economic growth and stability. SDR is an international reserve assets created by IMF, SDR currency basket in the existing dollar, euro, pound, yen four currencies. In November 30th last year, IMF Executive Board decided from the beginning of this year, the RMB will be included in the SDR currency basket, accounting for 10.92% of the proportion of. (end)相关的主题文章:

Property Francis criticized the soup to sell the shell listed companies do not call him the boss-demonophobia

Property: Francis criticized the soup to sell the shell listed companies do not call him the boss? Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The Sina Hong Kong columnist WeChat public finance soup (xlgg-sina) Francis is one of the most outspoken financial commentator, has criticized the Hongkong stock exchange have to "sell the shell" of the listed companies can be re listed, pointed out: "clearly listed companies the same business after the listing, listing to sell the shell, is the destruction of Hongkong stock market reputation, damage the interests of small shareholders. The first is to sell the stock at high prices, and then low recovery, earn a lot of money. After the price to sell the shell, the shell price of HK $600 million, then make a fortune, so as to attract more market. In this unscrupulous cycle, the individual is a victim, every time was fish. There is no doubt that the HKEx and the Commission has no responsibility to protect the interests of investors. Why do these unscrupulous companies can repeatedly stir the old business, so they won the huge interest. Regulators do not have the responsibility to protect the interests of investors. The Hong Kong stock exchange should be changed, before the privatization of the business, can not apply for listing, to prevent unscrupulous capitalists keep the same business, stop listing to make money." In fact, one of the old article "renovation" before the opening also raised this phenomenon: "once again listed business package is listed, it is a financial skills learning, but few people mention this phenomenon, for the future direction of financial skills, is also an important part of the. In the past, re listed business restructuring, and then injected into another listed company, is usually listed restructuring or debt restructuring stocks, including board examples: amvig Holdings Holdings (2300) and (1008): one of the major shareholders before the tobacco packaging business in 2007 after injection in 2009, after the repurchase part of the business, and then injected into the listed shareholders with holdings in 2011 (1008), and it was renamed as your stock holdings. Leroi Holdings (221, now Ereryi Finance) and kader (627, now Fu Sheng International): after selling to the company in 2008, the original shareholders to repurchase clothing sales. In 2010, U-Right international business restructuring, clothing sales business restructuring business is to inject holdings. The new high Huai Holdings (690, now uni-bio Science) and the British International (439, now KPS Science): high Huai holding former shareholders sold in 2005 listing, the sale of new high Huai printing business in 2007, 2013 in the British International reorganization, the new high Huai printing business also won when injected, recently have been sold. theory相关的主题文章:

Senior internal speech the Northeast Special Steel bankruptcy debt restructuring program through (vi-tamiflu

Senior internal speech: the Northeast Special Steel bankruptcy debt restructuring plan by the ninth northeast special steel within half a year of default of principal amount of default rose to nearly 5 billion 800 million (original title: senior internal speech: exclusive Dongbei special steel has not through bankruptcy debt restructuring program in September 27th), the economic observer from the stakeholders of exclusive, held in September 20th once the northeast special steel internal the meeting, Dongbei special steel executives said, the Northeast Special Steel default due to large amount of cash, bonds, less resources, not in one step, all completely resolved. However, the executives also said that in the Liaoning provincial government under the leadership of the Northeast Special Steel Group has always been to ensure the fundamental interests of bondholders attitude, actively and properly handle. It is unclear whether the internal meeting, the creditors will Dongbei special steel. In September 26th, the principal amount of 744 million 100 thousand yuan in 2015 in Northeast third annual short-term financing bonds (referred to as: 15 East steel CP003) once again become a breach of contract, the Northeast Special Steel ninth year default. Earlier media reports said, due to debt default, the government of Liaoning province has been determined that the northeast special steel will enter bankruptcy procedures, and the introduction of bankruptcy reorganization is expected by the end of September. However, the internal meeting of the Economic Observer online exclusive access to the days before September 20th, and no mention of a bankruptcy in northeast. In the internal meeting, said the Northeast Special Steel high-rise, the Liaoning provincial government and the northeast special steel made to the bond issue work mainly in the following four points: first, from the leading group established the Northeast Special Steel Group, comprehensively promote the solution to the problem of debt default, executive vice governor of Liaoning Province as the leader of the group, after the establishment of the group that has to communicate with the people’s Bank, the CBRC China, comments on the debt restructuring, and to seek support, Liaoning province SASAC and the Northeast Special Steel Group hired a professional lawyer institutions, study and formulate the debt restructuring plan premise in order to protect the interests of creditors, has won the Liaoning Provincial Standing Committee for consideration by the. Second, the Northeast Special Steel Group established the debt restructuring Leadership Committee to communicate with the State Department of the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, the people’s Bank of Chinese, for debt restructuring policy support, Debt Restructuring Committee has organized bank creditors, briefing, informed the basic scheme of debt restructuring, communication and negotiation for creditor creditor banks. The recognition and support, to reach a consensus. Third, actively grasp for debt restructuring at the same time, both inside and outside, internal efforts to improve the quality of the operation, to ensure the stability of production and operation, the staff is basically stable, creates a good condition for the implementation of the debt restructuring plan, the external use of Dongbei special steel manufacturing, 2025 prominent role in national security and northeast work in Chinese, constantly call and positive for national policy support for debt restructuring. Fourth, deepen the internal reform of enterprises, to provide power to completely reverse the situation, the current passive situation in Northeast experienced a long-term process of accumulation, system and mechanism is the main reason behind the formation mechanism, the key to solve the problem is to promote the reform of the firm. The economic observer has learned that the Northeast Special Steel senior people in the internal meeting said that the northeast special steel has been in accordance with the.相关的主题文章:

Sweden two Nobel prize judges dismissed because of academic scandal (video)-纪元1701

Sweden two Nobel prize judges for academic scandal dismissed Ma Chiarini was considered to be the field of artificial tracheal transplantation of top level scientists. In September 7, according to foreign media reported on 7, by Italy surgeon Ma Chiarini (Paolo Macchiarini) of academic fraud scandal, the Swedish Karolinska Institute Nobel prize committee decided to withdraw the judge Wall Berry (Harriet Wallberg) and ham (Anders Hamsten) post kirsten. Waldo Berri and Hamm Sten is not only the decision of members of the Nobel prize in physiology or Medicine Committee, also served as vice president of Karolinska Institute in Sweden post. Berri and Hamm Sten are in the world the Nobel prize committee before the delisting, the Swedish government has lifted all the members of the Committee of management of Karolinska Institute. Dr. Ma Chiarini, a former scientist at the Karolinska Institute in Italy, is considered to be one of the top scientists in the field of artificial tracheal transplantation. However, two patients died of Dr. macchiarini, he was accused of falsifying his resume. Ma Chiarini denies all the charges he has received. Many people think Karolinska Institute is Dr. macchiarini ignore the warning given by these people, including two Nobel prize committee members currently sacked. The incident caused a serious blow to the Swedish Karolinska Institute. Data figure: Nobel Prize Committee announced the 2014 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. The incident investigation committee issued a report in September 5th, said the event is so rare to ignore warnings. The report also questioned why the first hired Dr. macchiarini, then why has extended his contract. A person in charge of the Nobel Prize Committee at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, said the damage was so severe that the committee decided to ask the two members to resign. In 2010, Dr. Ma Chiarini was employed at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and after two years, he took part in the world’s first artificial tracheal transplant from a patient’s stem cell. However, a television documentary released by SVT television earlier this year revealed that he was doing an operation in Russia, which is "really alarming."". Later, he lost his job at the Karolinska Institute in sweden. Swedish prosecutors said in June that they are two events in 2011 and 2012 in Sweden hospital has launched criminal investigations of Dr. macchiarini. There are also reports that Dr. macchiarini on their resume fraud. Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman: the mystery of experience and memory相关的主题文章:

Such as the Ministry of Commerce rejected merger will enter history – by science and technology Sohu-木村kaela

Such as the Ministry of Commerce rejected merger will enter the annals drops – Sohu technology "the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said on September 2nd, the Ministry of commerce is based on" People’s Republic of China anti-monopoly law "and the" State Council on the provisions of the standard "Declaration of concentration of business operators" management measures "and" centralized declaration of undeclared business law concentration investigation procedures "and other relevant laws and regulations on pieces of excellent step merger investigation according to law. Shen Danyang in the Ministry of commerce regular press conference said that as of now, Anti-monopoly Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce has interviewed two times by travel, asking them to explain the causes of transactions, undeclared, submit relevant documents and materials and put forward by the Ministry of Commerce of the list of issues; and the relevant departments and enterprises to understand the network forum, the car about the operation mode and the relevant market competition. Shen Danyang said that the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to promote the case investigation in accordance with the law, to protect fair competition in the relevant market, safeguard the interests of consumers and social public interests. (source: Xinhua) "if the Ministry of Commerce rejected the merger of Uber drops, it is absolutely a recorded in the annals of the event, is worth praising! For the Chinese Internet and even the global competition and development of the Internet, are milestones. It can be said that China’s anti-monopoly law is really the first time to shine on the internet. Antitrust law from the beginning of this matter in the field of Internet deterrence. Innovation and competition in the field of the Internet really have dignity and maintenance! The industry is a blessing, blessing is for users of Uber drops and long-term is a good thing, because their future is still relying on extraordinary innovation and competition spirit to create! We are looking forward to, very sincerely look forward to, firmly oppose this "lose lose" merger! Why is it that Fang Xingdong is a big bad news for Uber? 1 months ago, Fang Xingdong Uber "ran away"! This is before I heard the first reaction of Uber in china. Once in the world without fear, thrives Uber founder and CEO Travis · Karan Nick, the original Chinese recently in the purpose of the activity and had to have completely different: to get out and run away about. The first time I wrote in the circle of friends: drops with Uber Chinese, these years of bad news to Chinese largest Internet, whether for Uber or drops, for consumers or the whole industry, for us Internet or global Internet development; whether for competition or innovation, for the sharing of economic and social progress. No matter from which a point of view, it is difficult to find good reasons, such a large range of "lose" cases, relatively rare. Uber drops and several years of war, is the innovation and competition to appear the most extreme cases, we have become a winner; drops and Uber fight, called the US Internet the most wonderful and the image of the competition and confrontation; and so far the most innovative Internet rapid social communication, enlightenment and application of concept popularization. Now, all this came to an abrupt end. If China’s anti-monopoly department can veto)相关的主题文章: