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Mom changed an attitude, the child for a future! There are a lot of good mothers and fathers of the Sohu, they are born with a kind of ability, is always with the right attitude, method to face the child. This kind of formidable ability, in my opinion, has nothing to do with the academic record, is completely their growth environment brings the good result. What is the growth environment here? It is the attitude of the parents, the attitude of the parents to the children, the attitude of the parents to the problem, the attitude of the parents to the world. I can’t say that this family is perfect. In fact, such a good parents, children or, there are always some regret. For example, it is not something to grasp, attitude to some things still have personal bias, but that is what the most important is that their attitude greatly depends on the next generation of happiness, a sense of value, not their cognitive. The reason why I want to say this conclusion, it is to study the growth of a lot of children, the state and the family environment, it was concluded that such a road to Jane’s conclusions. The other educational philosophy, or the law of growth is good, in front of this good attitude, the force is very pale. Yes ah, where people need to live so many ideas, there is a good attitude between each other, there will be emotional between people, will cherish each other, it will not hurt. Scene 1: get up in a family, have a first grade child, he doesn’t want to get up every morning. As a mother, always want to get up a bit, he cleaned up, then call the children get up, call, no response, my mother went to breakfast. After 10 minutes, came back to find the child has not got up, said: get up quickly, can not afford to be late again! The mother at the time, I’m afraid to be late, put the child up, then quickly put clothes for children to wear, then wear while you sleep early and nagging: you don’t listen to, immediately you will be late, say how many times do not listen… Here omitted 500 words…… The same family, the same child, or do not want to get up. As a father, always get up a bit, his neat and quick, put their own things to fix, and watch the time, gently shake the child, said: baby, good morning…… Sometimes, the child will open her eyes, sometimes vague say: Father: Good morning, then go to sleep. My father said to him, "I have a secret to tell you that you will get up in 10 minutes, and you can sleep for another 10 minutes… Dad went to prepare breakfast, 10 minutes back to the bed, picked up the child, a formal hug, and then told the child his clothes on the bed. And then, I hope you get dressed in 15 minutes, wash your face and gargle, and then go to breakfast. 10 minutes later, the child finished the table and began to eat breakfast. Scene two: homework with the same family, every day children do not want to do homework. My mother is also very busy, a home is called after the child homework, busy with their own things to the sea. After a period of time, in the kitchen loudly asked the child, homework

89To make children smarter, cook the sauce with several youzhuodian mother – Sohu|To make children smarter, cook the sauce with several youzhuodian mother – Sohu5

To make children smarter, cook the sauce with several youzhuodian – Sohu maternal diet of children is correct collocation, will contribute to the healthy growth of children, but the right and good is different, some spices added to the child’s diet, but will let the child but is tantamount to lead a person to endless aftertastes, children’s health, even it is harmful to the body, it is prudent to add some seasoning, otherwise it will let the children eat more stupid. The child’s body organs have not been developed, the excessive consumption of salt will cause pressure on the kidneys, endanger the health of the body. One year old children can not eat salt, based on the original flavor of food. 1~3 years less salt, if the child is poor appetite, can add a bit of not more than 1 grams. 3~6 can add salt, but the daily intake should not exceed 2 grams. The sugar candy children naturally like sweet food, and the addition of sugar in the food will increase the child’s appetite, but too much sugar will affect the child’s taste and brain development. According to our living conditions, children aged 3~6, the daily required amount of sugar in 240 ~ 280 grams, basically every day to eat, eat well, there is no need to add additional. If in order to taste, a little less every day can be, but not more than 10 grams. Some mothers food base in order to save time, will add some soda in the porridge, boiled porridge thick, refreshing. But this approach is in fact the The loss outweighs the gain. because the nutrient, edible alkali will not only destroy the porridge, the children of long-term consumption of adding alkali porridge, can cause vitamin deficiency caused by beriberi, constipation, anemia and other diseases. MSG MSG is not worth promoting, eating too much MSG will lead to a lack of zinc in the body of children, affecting the child’s physical and mental development. And WHO provides food for children under the age of 1 to disable MSG, children under the age of 12 may not add msg. Parents should let their children eat more natural food flavor, after all, just a MSG seasoning product is not essential, in order to increase the flavor of food. Soy sauce within one year old child can not eat soy sauce, soy sauce, salt because content as high as 20%, but not easy to control the consumption. The child’s food flavor, add dark soy sauce after the food, will affect the child’s appetite. ———————— children caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!

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