00 car buyers focus on the development of a young group of automotive finance summit held in Guangzh nrf905

00 focus groups of young Car Buying Auto Finance Development Summit held in Guangzhou in November 17, 2016 Tenth – car Sohu, China automobile marketing channel Competitiveness Forum and auto finance development summit was held in Guangzhou. The conference is jointly organized by the China market society, automobile Sohu, Chinese CCPIT guidance, China Automobile Association to provide special support. The summit to "new thinking · new financial" as the theme, brought together experts, manufacturers of guests, auto finance companies, distributors, service providers and banks together to create auto companies and dealers, after market service provider dialogue platform industry event, called the highest level leaders forum Chinese automobile circulation field. The Secretary of Chinese Automobile Association Long Xiao Zheng three, general manager of Sohu automotive division, Chinese Yan International Trade Promotion Director of the state information center, information resources development department vice president of Automotive Industry Branch Committee Zhao Yang, Xu Changming, a large automobile trade group Limited by Share Ltd chairman and CEO Pang Qinghua, general manager of SAIC GM Wuling sales company, Xue Haitao Cai Jianjun, vice president Beijing automobile Limited by Share Ltd Beijing modern sales department sales office director Fan Jingtao and other heavyweight guests attended the meeting. The guests photo channel change strategy of automobile finance has become a hot industry since the beginning of 2007, the forum competitiveness of automobile marketing channel Chinese sustained attention to change channels, has now entered the tenth year. The summit to adapt to the automotive industry hot spots, with the development of automotive finance as the latest proposition. In this regard, the Secretary General of the China Automobile Dealers Association Xiao Zheng three will develop automotive finance as a driving force to maintain sustainable growth in the automotive market. At the same time, he also pointed out in his speech pointed out that, despite the financial leasing is the best means to boost domestic car sales, but the U.S. market penetration reached 50%, while the Chinese market is only $1%. This is not only a huge gap between China’s auto finance, but also the potential power to open up the blue ocean of automotive finance." China Automobile Dealers Association Secretary General Xiao Zhengsan, director of the National Information Center, director of Information Resources Development Department of judge, China’s car ownership in the United States in 2019 to become the world’s first. This good news indicates that just three years time, auto finance is likely to usher in more opportunities for development. Xu Changming said that the future of the car market there is a larger space, car sales service will also change, channel change imperative. The state information center, information resources development department director Xu Changming Sohu strategic road 00 Car Buying aimed at young group general manager of Sohu automotvie yen at the meeting focuses on the rise of the phenomenon of young "network original residents" consumption group. He pointed out that such groups to 80, 90, represented by relying on the network, the pursuit of the brand, ahead of consumption, to accept the concept of modern consumer loans, such as the development of the main force in the automotive consumer finance." For young groups, auto finance has been integrated into its car buying process, diverse, personalized financial solutions behind the huge business opportunities. Yan Cheng, general manager of Sohu Automotive Division relying on big data technology, Sohu in the Division相关的主题文章: