10 pets Cafe Tokyo adorable value overflowing, soon to be cured. ~~~- tourism Sohu exit safe mode

10 pets Cafe Tokyo adorable value overflowing, soon to be cured. ~~~- Sohu of Tokyo tourism in the pet cafe is famous all around the world, from the original cat cafe, and gradually extended to all kinds of animal themed cafes, have become a new fashion of decompression of the people of Tokyo. The following 10 pet shop cafe, the protagonist from everywhere meow star, that sounds a little scary cold-blooded snakes, Nothing needed is lacking. Choose a favorite, sit down and have a perfect afternoon with the elves! Meow star small forest: kichijoji cat cafe kichijoji cat cafe slogan has it all: a strange cat forest. When you climb up the three floor to the door, you will find that it is not just an ordinary cat cafe. The whole decoration looks like a child, this album, there are countless lazy cat walk in the mysterious dream forest. The spacious environment you can easily find a comfortable position, while eating delicacy (cocktails), while their cat, they will enjoy playing with you. The cat haven: Mocha Cat Cafe (Shibuya branch) Mocha Cat Cafe (Shibuya store) is like a cat shelter, store decoration is a capital of the intimate, everywhere for the sake of cats, a lot of design, and a cabinet of hiding perch. This cat is very cute and lively, often chasing its own tail circle, it is representative of the adorable. Many in the vicinity of the office workers, will take advantage of the lunch break to play half an hour, there are people simply to spend the afternoon time. Would you like to take me home: Mrs. rabbit Cafe says that the lady is a coffee shop, but it ‘s more like a pet shop, because the rabbit is the trump card. The store has 12 rabbits and a few hedgehog, you can go to the clerk about rabbit temper: they are very active, love scurrying around, rather than sit quietly. Then 300 yen to feed the rabbit, the most active rabbit will be quiet in front of the food. You can even take their star Karumen rabbit walking in Roppongi area. Luxury, luxury: cute rabbit Asakusa theme Cafe Asakusa rabbit theme cafe has five floors and a roof terrace, is one of Tokyo’s largest pet cafe. You can choose a rabbit to play here with you each, if you are the super rabbit fancier can request a more. Be aware that there are a variety of additional services beyond basic costs, and if you want to take the rabbit on the patio for a walk, the bill will skyrocket. The taste of happiness: the heart of the Dog Cafe if you love dogs, you must also love them to your thigh, licking your cell phone, make you full of dog flavor (is the taste of happiness ~). The heart of the coffee shop, like many pet cafes, is hidden behind the coffee shop. Never mind, your main purpose here is to make friends with Ribon, it has fully mastered how you sit down and instantly occupy your attention. Mini paradise in the city: Bird Cafe (table)相关的主题文章: