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100 who have grade, her daily life is to deal with various luxury Sohu – my name is Sun Duofei, "the Fifth Avenue luxury network co-founder and chief operating officer; S& S; New York’s original founder. "Fifth Avenue" on January 1, 2009 on-line. I started doing business in 2008, I basically work from 9 in the morning to the evening of, with the major luxury brands to talk about cooperation, analysis of the habit of customers to buy luxury goods, this is my work is my life. This experience allows me to understand the luxury brand in the past 8 years, changes in the development of the mainland, but also to understand you, I change the attitude of luxury consumption. (Sun Duofei and sister Sun Yafei) with the major luxury brands to talk about cooperation, so that they supply, which is just doing "Fifth Avenue", we imagine the operation mode. First talk about the brand is a high-end fashion sports brand, was also asked a friend to help matchmaking, that will be very smooth, the other did not pay any attention to us. The wall makes us realize that the way we want to go how difficult — in the past few years, luxury stores in the mainland to open a fire, people do not worry about selling, so I never thought to open business platform. Helpless, we can only choose a more difficult way — from the entrepreneur turned to the major international dealer, Auto World Rice hit goods shipped back, sell, earn price difference. The United States, Britain, France, Italy…… In those years, we almost two sisters around the world buy OLE times. The most impressive one is 2010, my sister and I bought a lot of goods in Milan Aolai, we have rigged goods bag in a row on the ground waiting for the bus, after almost a row of ten meters, many foreigners ran onlookers take pictures, everyone to write the same questions — "the two Asian woman crazy? How to buy so many luxuries?" It is against this most primitive method, we do a little bit of sales. The situation is getting better and better. Especially after 2013, the luxury industry sales fell significantly, they also began to seek new development. Our website has been rely on its own funds to maintain the operation, not too much money to buy goods pad, which forced us to talk about cooperation with the brand xiaojiannaodai. Under the joint action of internal and external reasons, the road is getting better and better. During this period, there have been many interesting stories. For example, in 2009 a process of cooperation with buyers shop, I found a very high-end jewelry and hats brand, want to talk to them, and then in the micro-blog search for the brand information, really found their general manager Chinese District micro-blog. I immediately leave a message to the general manager, said they would like to talk about cooperation, but the other reply: I’m sorry, we do not even open the store in the mainland, it is impossible to develop electricity supplier. But I did not give up, the past 6 years, I have been concerned about the total barber every micro-blog, give him a message, point praise, like fans. Absolutely did not expect is that last summer, the general manager actually came to me, said to follow.相关的主题文章: