12 year old boy to steal money to buy his parents to buy hand travel recharge cards havd707

12 year old boy stole parents money to buy a prepaid card Mobile Games – Beijing parents said half spent 2920 yuan; found to minors selling game cards, to the industrial and commercial department for reporter Jinlin Xiaoxiang Morning News intern reporter Zhou Lingru reported Changsha home has 3000 dollars less, who took it? Ms. Zhang to do business in the red market, thought. Under the 12 year old son Liangliang (a pseudonym) admits that the money he stole, to buy a prepaid card game. The owner of the shop next door also admitted that the sale of prepaid cards, but the amount of objection. The corresponding regulations expressly prohibit the sale of game cards to minors. Currently, the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation. The stationery store owner has a word, let a person worry: "everybody is selling, he does not buy in me here, also can buy elsewhere." Newspaper intern reporter Zhou Lingru reported Changsha mother children two times from home to steal money to Ms. Zhang and her husband runs a cooking, each account daily will be carefully recorded, but also timing will be monthly turnover in the bank. August 31st, taking into account the Mid Autumn Festival, Ms. Zhang and her husband to discuss the temporary turnover in August, a total of 8100 yuan deposited at home. In September 7th, Ms. Zhang’s husband Huanghuangzhangzhang to tell her family out of 2100 yuan less. Ms. Zhang also thought her husband put the money carelessly misplaced. Ms. Zhang, "but did not find anywhere", "began to secretly keep an eye". In September 17th, a strange thing happened again. Ms. Zhang’s husband for money to pay the mortgage, found the money and 900 yuan less. Buy refills stationery shop Ms. Zhang Lenovo to 16 day bright son to go next door, she ventured to ask. Ms. Zhang learned that the stationery store selling all kinds of prepaid card game, and half a month to 12 yet bright is to buy regular prepaid card game "". Bright to mother admit, 16 day, he secretly took home 900 yuan to buy cards, spent 820 yuan, the store looking for him 80 yuan. In September 1st to September 15 during the day, bright to 400 yuan each to spend 500 yuan to buy game cards, many in the stationery shop. Ms. Zhang is very helpless, she said his son to play this hand tour called King glory, in August began to play the game, I did not expect to spend so much money secretly to buy the game prepaid card." Ms. Zhang told the children a sum of a number of money from home, tell him this is my parents earn money, if he wants to buy what, as long as it is helpful to learn or have legitimate uses, parents will meet him…… The store sells prepaid card game everyone in September 17th, Ms. Zhang and her husband find a stationery shop owner, hope that through consultation each other to take half of the money, but was refused. "My son is not 12 years old, how can the boss without asking a hundred yuan one-time game card for my son to sell." Ms. Zhang believes that we are neighbors, children who do not want to spend a lot of money to buy things, should say with parents. September 18th, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter went to the stationery?相关的主题文章: