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13 year old boy was late for school 8 days away from fear of parents scold not back to the Sohu News Chinese daily news (reporter Chen Yonghui) a child, Ms. Zhang, who lives in Shangluo City sigh — children a week ago stray from home, searching through the high streets and back lanes is no trace. 8 days later, found in a corner of the mall lost children, the child is not serious. The child was sitting on the bus, missed the school time, afraid of parents scolded dare not go home. "A week time, the child was no news, I worried……" In November 6th, Ms. Zhang face China Daily reporter: "the children usually speak little heave great sighs, do not love to communicate with people, not what happened?!" Ms. Zhang said, she and the children lost at noon after dinner, before also told him to get to school on time, the children did not go to school, the school to contact Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang quickly dialed the home phone no answer, returned home and found the child was gone. "Less than learning is not particularly good, the character is more introverted, less communication with the surrounding students." Less than the teacher Chou said, less than before also had truancy phenomenon, but this time lost so many days, they are very worried about. November 6th, the China Daily reporter learned that, Shangluo police have been in the investigation before the loss of less than the surveillance video, looking for the whereabouts of the child. The evening of November 7th, less than the parents finally found in a shopping mall in Shangluo, less than. "The child was in the corner of the seat, because 8 days just drank water, did not eat well, looks very weak." According to less than that day, he took a bus ride over his head, because he was not afraid to go to school parents scolded, he did not go home. "My day hiding in a secluded place, on the night in the street alley to sleep, thirsty for tap water to drink, nor eat." Less than told reporters that he can find their own home, but because of fear of parents and teachers scolded, did not go back. In this regard, Professor Shanghua, President of the Xi’an Institute of educational psychology, said that less than the reason why this is a lack of confidence in the performance. The bus station, afraid of going home to the school and the parents blame, afraid of the teacher criticized, in this case, the child’s heart is contradictory, the instinct of children will appear aversion effect, this is mental immaturity. 13 year old boy in adolescence, during this period, parents should learn to learn the role of transformation, and the children make friends, communicate, and encourage children in a calm mood, so that children learn to communicate with people and things the way.相关的主题文章: