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17 year old girl selling eggs take out a xiansang Ming – Sohu news 17 year old girl selling eggs xiansang Ming video capture video capture now many villages caused by internal bleeding 21 eggs internal bleeding, but also throughout the many small ads, one called "egg" advertising, is actually illegal activities, not only can not earn some money, but also their own safety crisis. A 17 year old girl has gone through this pain. The bed of the Chen stuck throat is very weak, and she just returned from death’s door. Chen because of physical weakness, according to family members, Chen in different clinic by injection of artificial oocyte, Chen brother Chen said, is estimated to have hit five or six hormones play days, then was sent to a place for oocyte, once even out more than and 20, the sister and his female classmates also sold eggs. Family said I do not know why my sister to do egg surgery, was forced or for other reasons, the family did not know. The parents identified, this reporter arrived at the Guangzhou Baiyun District Cloud View Garden small clinic, said Chen egg retrieval surgery in October 7th after the two days of the hanging needle, to restore the body. The doctor said that many women in the eggs come here after injections are used in injection of anti-inflammatory and blood. The reporter asked the relationship between clinic and oocyte retrieval mechanism, the doctor is busy whitewash said, only in accordance with the needs of the patient without injection. At present, Chen’s parents have the police, the case is pending further police investigation.相关的主题文章: