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2: "drop out" in the mood for volleyball events, more impatient rhyme end show – Sohu   entertainment; "Figure 2" volleyball Sohu by Sohu stills entertainment news video with South Korea Kim jonghak in film and television production company co produced Drama — "pure blood" is produced by Figure 2 volleyball video hot Sohu broadcast every Saturday night in 8. Two free, sweet youth love warm winter. In this week’s episode, the story has made great progress, high Yi? (Jin Shanxiong) decide to love, but at the same time, the thought of Dong Haixing (Li Yuangen ornaments) to drop out of Han Duoyun (Kim Soeun ornaments), anxious to find Dong Haixing, to keep myself clean…  … "In the mood for volleyball; 2" love is hard to maintain more than rhyme rhyme love helpless starfish Dong hard to maintain this week to update the painful episodes, high Yi admit people? The Han Duoyun understanding is very happy, but Han Duoyun in its dating is very hard to get into, this interaction makes her into self tangled pain mom, the weapon does not make her feel relieved. High Yi? Friends see Han Duoyun alignment attitude, doubt Duoyun Han did not really want to contact, but high Yi is not to regard it as right?. Han Duoyun pretend to be happy with the high Yi? Exchanges, Dong Haixing saw much love suffering Han Duoyun feel distressed. "Figure 2" spring League Volleyball opening   school outbreak accident insurance relationship collapse Dong Haixing himself did not hold much rhyme very regret, see many rhymes bear everything themselves so tortured, then from the coach of her father’s authorization for their withdrawal, surprised at the same time also angry, my heart really the idea is not to understand father and coach is very distressed. On the other side, the accident that Dong Haixing dropped out of the Korean news Duoyun contacted Dong Haixing, to meet with the. Anxiously waiting for the process, the moment to get along with the past flashed in the brain, repeated Dong Haixing this way to their own good, confession of the mood becomes more firm. See a flash of Dong Haixing, many rhymes went to express his mind, and this scene happens to be the high Yi? Look in the eyes… Love… Spring opening of the League to defend the war started in the trailer, Dong Haixing and Yi respectively to meet with many high? What is more the rhyme mother, "Zhang mother’s favor? High Yi? Put down a relentless, gentle Dong Haixing exhibition prattle, three love battle and how? "Figure 2" Sohu volleyball video of the whole network independent broadcast every Saturday at 8 pm, the 2 free, gold member’s complete works!   相关的主题文章: