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2016 China Liuzhou world water speed sports competitions in the Liujiang River tourism year September 30th start passion – Sohu, Chinese · Liuzhou SAIC GM Wuling cup world water speed sports competitions (IAC) in Qingshanxiushui Liuzhou kicked off. Nearly 200 domestic and foreign players gathered in the Liujiang River, staged a fantastic water Carnival event, and in celebration, and enjoy the water. The world water speed sports competitions (IAC) is Chinese and international tournament the highest, largest and most of the project includes water sports events platform, including water motor world championships, US waterskiing stars competition and F1 powerboat world championship three tournament. From September 30th to October 5th, in the beautiful Liuzhou calm blue water sports base, three major events will have to meet with the audience. Us waterskiing stars competition first start (started in September 30th), for a period of two days, including figure skating tournament, sliding and jumping cyclotron multiple projects slip, coda slip, kneeling board slip and barefoot etc.. The first day of the preliminaries, water skiing star and the United States Chinese for everyone to bring a wonderful water ballet drama, jumping, rotation, let the audience to feast their eyes, but also without losing its sports confrontation. F1 motorboat World Championships will be on October 2nd -3 day to meet with the audience, including free practice, time trial, points and qualifying. F1 motorboat maximum speed can reach 280 kilometers per hour, only in the throttle, no brakes in rowing athletes, with technology and game experience showdown. In October 4th and 5, will be staged throughout the tournament’s most exciting water sports world championships. Water friction comprises a vertical jingsusai women’s World Championship (Ski Ladies GP1), vertical man race (Ski Division GP1), sitting race (Runabout GP1) and figure contest (Freestyle) four games. From France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, Sweden and other 18 countries will be staged for the world’s top athletes motorboat sports feast, the Chinese team will participate in the world championships as the host. Before the interview, Yao Xinpei five Secretary of the State Sports General Administration of water sports management center said: China team prepared from this year Chinese motorboat League (CPL) the race began, the State Sports General Administration of water sports management center has been actively training, adjustment of athletes in the state in the game, after the preparation and training, I believe Chinese team from physical and psychological are adjusted to the best state. In addition to professional competitive sports, in the world water speed sports competition (IAC) during the game, Liuzhou will also host a series of local people with participation and fun activities. To watch the game, you can also experience the international water Carnival Festival, green water carnival, water, entertainment and technology mad carnival parade, Forest Music Festival, interactive carnival, Liuzhou luosifen delicacy Festival, Hawaii Huanjiang boat rally and other rich interesting activities, must not miss.相关的主题文章: