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3 young chest hung me a thief to steal the listing involving illegal detention of three young bound chest was listed three boy was caught stealing were tied on his chest "I am a thief" plate Yunnan Yongshan 3 men suspected of illegal detention of Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui photography Xiao Xiong dragon Xixue) on impulse, they became the offender from the victim. Recently, Yunnan, Yongshan three men due to illegal detention thief, the police were taken criminal coercive measures. "Xiluodu town pedestrian street middle rail bundled with two more than and 10 year old child, chest hanging" I am a thief ‘plates, please." October 19th 8 am, Yongshan County Public Security Bureau police station received a public warning of xiluodu. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene and found two teenage by someone with a rope tied to the iron railing on the side of the street, hanging from his chest, I am a thief "plate, on the face also wrote a" thief ". Police immediately tied to the rope on the two young untied, for further investigation. After investigation, the 19 day at 4 pm, who lives in Yongshan County Xiluodu town of a fresh (13 years old), Lee (14 years old) and other minors to Xiluodu town pedestrian street in the middle, was found with a Amomum facade is not closed, three people from the theft of the idea of Amomum villosum. When they are stealing by the owner of Amomum villosum, then the owner Rao and his wife Zhou and another man Wang will be caught in three, to three people for parents to no avail, the iron railing around a, Zhou and Wang will be three people with a rope tied to the window next to the on. 6 in the morning, one of them broke away from the rope escape. Around a, Zhou and Wang went to the cigarette shell write "I am a thief" hanging on the bound young fresh and Lee chest, two in the face to write "thief", until the morning of 8 PM was found masses alarm. At present, Lee and a fresh guardians have been handed a strict discipline. Rao, Wang and Zhou three people on suspicion of illegal detention, criminal coercive measures taken by the police. Police investigators said, Rao villosum was stolen, the thief was arrested, without causing the loss of property, the end of the case. Because of the ignorance of the law of the parties, this is the victim of them, instantly reversed suspects". China’s law stipulates that the case of the thief are minors, does not constitute a theft crime; and Rao, Wang, Zhou, who were arrested on suspicion of illegal detention constitutes a crime of illegal detention. Police also remind: before the law, no person shall be willful. Source: Yunnan network editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: