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4 Hunan officials "plucking type corruption: impersonator pension of nearly 200 thousand yuan   – Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: Hunan Daoxian County bulletin 4 from plucking type corruption interception death pension, the insured pension, false impersonator to move their fishing people received the Commission, to the preservation of village construction the boss ask for benefits". 4 "plucking type corruption case before the Hunan province Daoxian County discipline bulletin. Daoxian County, former Vice Minister of Ministry of He Maoguo Qing town armed impersonator pension integrity violations of discipline. From 2009 to 2014, He Maoguo is responsible for the use of his position to facilitate the handling of Qing town of new rural social pension insurance business, personnel, and repeat the mistake of death by the insured deposit a total of 128 outlets, respectively, the rural credit cooperatives in Yongzhou City, Chenzhou city and other places, many times to take the old adoption insurance totaling 199295 yuan, and the money will be used for personal expenses. At present, He Maoguo was dismissed from office, and was transferred to judicial organs. Bai Ma Du Zhenyuan deputy mayor Feng Shengmao received the Commission for discipline violation clean". In January 2010, Feng Shengmao served as deputy mayor of the town of Daoxian County Bai Du period in ancient Mu Dong Cun to apply for fishermen relief funds in the process, two others received a commission of 4000 yuan. Feng Shengmao subject to administrative demerit. Daoxian County Water Conservancy Bureau staff He Puyu breach of integrity discipline receive benefits". In December 2014, He Puyu in Qiaotou town village to help Shima River clean-up projects in the process of accepting the village branch secretary Yang to send a commission of $40 thousand. December 2015, Daoxian County Commission for Discipline Inspection in the investigation of Yang disciplinary case, He Puyu will receive 40 thousand yuan benefits returned to yang. At present, He Puyu was reduced post rating. Daoxian County Shou Shou Yan Zhen Tan Fu Cun, former branch secretary He Qinghua, the former village committee director He Miao and the former village committee and discipline violation Secretary He Weizhi received the commission". In September 2011, three people in the village built ring village road in the process of charging the contractor $30 thousand commission". Currently, He Qinghua, He Miao, and are subject to the party to observe a year of punishment for the year of. ((reporter Zhou Nan): Zhou Tian, commissioning editor of Cardiology)相关的主题文章: