120 thousand violations of a village cadres to send tourists to travel to be punished fifa14下载

A village cadres illegal spending 120 thousand villagers were punished send travel from May 1997 to December 2014, the surname Wang Jun Shan Street Village Party branch secretary. In April 2008, Wang Moumou in violation of the relevant provisions of the management of state-owned assets, agreed to the original village collective forest farm houses sold to the village he moumou. In September of the same year, the surname Wang proposed the village quarry of a two storey building under the guise of the name of the village Party branch Fu Moumou demolition, the compensation 24 yuan was used to repay the arrears and the daily expenses of the village collective. In addition, during the period from 2008 to 2011, he adopted a false land area and the concealment of income, 159 thousand and 600 yuan of funds for the account expenses, including two organizations of village members, representatives of villagers and village dance team travel expenses 120400 yuan, for three consecutive years, with these funds totaling 39200 yuan. Investigators, the organization during the investigation, Wang Moumou actively cooperate with the investigation, the initiative to explain the problem, and take the initiative to cooperate with the account will be turned over to the village account funds. Eventually, Wang was sentenced to probation for two years. Yesterday, Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone discipline work (Hannan District Commission for Discipline Inspection), since 2015 in the two zone integration under the background of this area, 142 were registered, involving the district is at level 15 cadres. Since 2015 has 33 people admonishing remarks, we interviewed 46 people, including 12 straight units responsible person. (reporter Wang Xue correspondent Wu Kai Ji Xuan, Zhang Chuntan, Duan Chenchen)相关的主题文章: