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" " calm; driver holding false alarm in Chenzhou arrested 10 days concurrence of 6050 yuan original title: "calm" the driver holding false alarm detained 10 days of concurrence of 6050 yuan Lee presented a false Lee net Yongxing on October 7th news during the national day, the highway vehicle due to soaring surge has led to a traffic accident, the police immediately a man driving a large truck in Hunan Beijing high-speed Chenzhou section of Yongxing after the accident, but by the police on the spot and found the use of false anti detainees. October 2nd 13 am, who lives in Henan Xinxiang Lee (male, 38 years old) driving Guangdong B license truck delivery courier to Wuhan, the traffic accident happened in traveling to Beijing high-speed Hunan section of Yongxing Chenzhou, Lee immediately call the alarm call, the police rushed to the scene, Li Mouyi side to produce a driver’s license, while calmly explained to the police accident. The police found abnormal in check when the driver’s license, after verification of Lee’s driver’s license was canceled in early September 2014, in the face of evidence, Lee had to admit that the driver’s license is entrusted to a friend for false, forged, eventually because Lee did not follow the motor vehicle license and use of forged driving license and without obtaining a driving license to drive a motorcycle, tractor, passenger operation outside the three illegal acts shall be given a fine of 6050 yuan and 10 days of administrative detention punishment. During the festival, Lee is working overtime to earn more money, but now face a "high" punishment. Police remind the majority of drivers in this friend, we must hold the card driving; logistics enterprises should strengthen the driver’s audit and management, to ensure that the certificate is valid, so as to drive safely. (net correspondent Zhang Tao) video recommendation: haveheart! The driver to "complete" fake brand false speed to muddle through相关的主题文章: