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The old man to rescue the drowning child trapped in foreign tourists to help lift (Figure) – Beijing children flew rescue trapped in the water drowning elderly foreigners enthusiastic residents and tourists to help lift the shore group "cable" rescue the boy safely ashore loves art Huang Jinbo when duty dance teacher in Guangzhou martyrs cemetery. The day before yesterday at noon, is leading the dance he saw water child shadow floating, immediately jumped into the water to the child clinging to climb. However, due to the slippery moss, to his time ashore. A foreign visitor immediately rushed into the water, to help him up. With the help of good people, they finally climbed back to shore. About 10 year old boy fell into the water and no harm. The map, Guangzhou Daily Reporter Lin in Guangzhou martyrs cemetery blood Regulus Pavilion on out of space, every morning after retirement and old people indulge in good time. This year, 66 year old Huang Jinbo retired in this small space as an obligation to dance teacher, a teaching is a year of 4. The day before yesterday morning, he was in danger. The moss is too slippery, saved to shore the day before yesterday at 12 am, Huang Jinbo is ready. Suddenly, standing in the front row of the distance he found blood Regulus kiosks have a shadow floating up and down on the lake, the original is the little boy’s head out of the water, "he struggled, up and down, can not wait." Huang Jinbo immediately ran to the direction of the pavilion. He recalled that the shore is a tilted 60 degrees stone stairs, the boy in the shore about 3 meters ladder, helpless struggle. At this time, Huang Jinbo stepped into the lake, the water spread to his mouth. His hands like a baby the little boy in the chest, I saw the boy pale, he has said to the boy: "the kids, all right." The boy is not how to answer. Foreign tourists helping Huang Jinbo although the boy hugged, but the boy is very weak, but also consciously struggle, and the shore stone stairs covered with moss, causing him to not take half a step, for fear of slipping, the boy will once again fell into the water. Is helpless, he felt a strong hand on his waist, he will surely help. Take a look, turned out to be a foreign friend about forty or fifty years old. Huang Jinbo afterwards recalled that this foreign friend is a tourist, had never seen. That morning, a couple of foreign tourists watching the dance team performances, then I ran into the water to save people, maybe he saw in the distance, they rushed to help." Reporters from the photos taken at that time to see the neighborhood, the foreign tourists wearing plaid shirt, about forty or fifty years old. He is the first station of the water, to the bottom of the little boy hold, Huang Jinbo will hold the boy in the water, on the other hand to the shore of the visitors. Shore people cable relay shore dance team member Xie Jie said, at that time, the aunt is also dancing together to run over. The shore is the slope, there is also a long moss, so a few retired dancing aunt and two enthusiastic visitors were hand in hand, like a tug of war as "cable" into the water, they will be a little bit ashore. In earnest.相关的主题文章: