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HD: "new police fire chariot" for the National Day military escort tourists — people.com.cn people.com.cn Xingan Meng in September 30, "National Day" on the eve of Xilin Gol prairie on an orange armored car sped fast, in an instant, a length of about 1000 meters of fire ashes to ashes. This is the scene of the armed forces in Inner Mongolia, a new type of grassland forest fighting vehicles mounted on the scene. To ensure that the National Day "holiday" during September 29th, effective control of fire, fire vehicles allotted new grasslands front-line troops, as during the national day to grassland tourism tourists escort. This has also changed the history of relying on artificial grassland fires to fill the gaps in our country’s grassland fire suppression mechanization. Inner Mongolia forest Armed Police Corps leadership, new research by independent prairie fire chariot of the armed forces, which lasted 4 years, has five main characteristics: one is "fast", like stepping on hot wheels". Eight wheel drive, the fastest speed of 60 kilometers, 40 degrees limit climbing 1.5 meters across the trenches, in the 360 degree turn, carrying 6 firefighters 10 hours of super maneuver, let the arrogant Huomo call "vulnerable". The two is "strong", like "fire Master". Special polyethylene fireproof material with high strength and high elasticity, sealed, against Baidu ultra high temperature eight special rubber be nothing difficult, only the "feet", as in the line of fire burning on. Even more people are due to take the side of the light sealing material, so that the tanks encounter water seconds change assault boats. The three is "ruthless", called "fire fighters". Fire fighting vehicles can be on the zero 40 degrees Celsius to minus 40 degrees Celsius environment, the normal start, with a capacity of 85 liters of diesel fuel tank, can maintain uninterrupted operation for a continuous 10 hours. Many field tests and practical proof, 1 fire vehicles equivalent to the previous 15 units of fire extinguishing ability, to a great extent to solve the shortage of troops, officers and soldiers fire physical exertion, contradiction of grassland fire slow after restriction of combat troops. Four is "live", "Transformers"". New fire extinguishing tanks in body provided with a front block, drag, sprinkler and other sets of combined fire extinguishing system, a full range of "sanbanfu Huomo fight". At the same time, the car is also equipped with high-pressure water mist fire extinguishers, fire projectiles, the tail of the car can also add 3 meters long "Little Dragon", even in the face of mutations in the wind, Grass Valley pond, fly fire and other extreme deflagration combustion, can also take time for. The five is the "special" real "grassroots manufacturing". So there are armored Armored Core is cold tenderness, armed police officers and soldiers, officers and soldiers on sugary love completely by the independent research and development of modified grassland fire characteristics. The chariot every screws, every grain of nails have devoted soldiers sweat. Inner Mongolia vast territory, prone to prairie fire, which is the most frequent in Xilinguole Meng. New type of grassland fire chariot loaded troops, the future for the effective containment of grassland fire protection areas, people’s life and property safety, will have a positive role to safeguard the motherland’s ecological security and stability. (Pang Xinghang, Yu Guodong) to share: ((Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Lujia Huang Zijuan)相关的主题文章: