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Ma Guangyuan: which cities are the most dangerous? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Ma Guangyuan: which cities are the most dangerous? If you think that the highest price of the city is the most dangerous city, the lowest price of the city bubble at least, that means you do not know the real estate market in china. Of course, in a land of real estate experts of the times, everyone can express their views on the future of housing prices in China, forecast the threshold of real estate and forecast the stock market threshold never too high, but this does not mean that real estate is a high degree of specialization is not in the field. On the contrary, standing in the angle of economics, China China real estate prices, I think is the most complex field, so everyone can pretensions to being an expert, because of abnormal development of this market, let the professional do not have too much in the past. But now, it may not be the same. Misreading a person’s point of view does not need too high IQ, but to read a person’s point of view, at least a little professional attitude. I once said: in view of the policy cycle and market cycle delay almost six months, six months later, the real estate market may change China. Then some people interpret this as: six months later, China’s real estate will collapse. See this interpretation, I really deeply lamented Kenichi Ohmae in its "low IQ society" in the judgment of three points: in the network society, the times we are really getting into a low IQ society. In addition to the need for a person to make a point of view, but also to those who misread their views to explain. So, I have to say here again: I never predicted that the Chinese real estate market in six months after the crash! Economics does not have the ability to predict when asset prices collapse, and if a person tells you when prices fall, this person is not a madman or a liar. Those who brag about the prediction of the one big crisis, either in the past twenty years, he has been such a prediction, persisted for 20 years, the crisis came, and then he boasted that he was on! Who am I to say? We can. Back to the topic, I said six months after the China real estate market may change, saying is: after the 2014 October has seen a series of real estate policy stimulus, the last China rescue the real estate market and the last period of skyrocketing housing prices basically ended, the history of the end of unilateral rise. After this round of the cycle, whether it is the demand for housing, or speculative demand for the basic end of the peak, the real estate market will return to normal, falling house prices in some cities will become the norm. Unless there is a real crash, the real estate will be removed from the focus of the Chinese topic. In fact, the best description is still six months after the real estate may change, because can understand people who do not need to explain, don’t understand people do not understand the explanation in any case. Just like a beautiful woman, it’s hard for you to describe what is beautiful, but when a girl is standing in front of you, you will know it相关的主题文章: