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"Smiled very little" shadow tour into the honeymoon period as five linkage circle powder golden period, every year summer there are phenomenal influx of IP. This year, in a number of popular IP melee, "smiled very little" (hereinafter referred to as "slightly") with "shadow, video, books, travel, diffuse" five period linkage, successfully break to become universal hot topic, whether it is movies, TV series, or the same name Mobile Games, both won the good market feedback. Five "biased" linkage scores were called "Curve Wrecker" data show that in August 8th launched the "slightly" TV series in Youku online within 16 hours, the amount of playing more than 300 million times, the number of the barrage of nearly 40 thousand, the day has become the hot topic of current network traffic has more than 4 billion; then, "slightly" movie theaters, the first day at the box office is close to fifty million, and won the box office champion row piece rate champion. As of August 31st, the box office totaled 270 million, continued to detonate market concerns. The promotion and sale in the "comic and novel" the slightly eight anniversary deluxe edition of the performance is quite good. Relevant survey shows that, in addition to a large number of 90 fans loyal fans to buy and pay attention, after 95, after the 00 has become a tiny fan group. In addition, after the beta, beta, beta and other round of promotion, "slightly" Mobile Games comprehensive release, not only quickly climbed to App Store to pay the top three, in the Android platform are brisk performance. Up to now, the number of users of micro hand travel accumulated a million breakthrough, and is still growing rapidly. "Slightly" detonated, also let behind the game to create the Beijing cultural circle God Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "great circle") successfully started the opener. God said: "Mr. Bei CEO" slightly "Mobile Games success, not only is the embodiment of novel fans of the attraction, but also with the popular small fresh, national goddess of appeal to the fans are inseparable. On this basis, by the same time, multi channel precision marketing and interactive, the full impact of fans, finally realized Mobile Games and other products across the board." "God" was successfully test the water Mobile Games circle will develop more high-quality IP in fact, multi-dimensional development of IP resources of the whole industry chain, has become the development trend of the pan entertainment industry in recent years. On the one hand, the audience’s attention by multi screen streaming, media value is redistributed, IP linkage development can achieve the user coverage in many fields; on the other hand, in order to "slightly" as the representative of the "shadow, video, books, travel, diffuse" five dimensional linkage marketing, can realize the common promotion of the adaptation of products in short time, the formation of resonance effect. Bei Zhicheng also pointed out that the popular IP adapted into a difficult explosion of movies or TV shows, but this is not the best form of deep IP resources. If it is simply the development of classic IP, the effect will be relatively limited. IP development trend will no longer be limited to "shadow tour linkage ‘, but toward" the film book tour of five dimension, even diffuse "into VR, AR and other new technology, to play and more abundant form of marketing, promoting mutual development." It is reported that in the successful test the water Gu diffuse masterpiece "smiled very little" the Mobile Games operation, God did not ring"相关的主题文章: