Chloasma sunburn after the age of 20 you will have to deal with the culprit is their aging! twoo是什么网站

Chloasma sunburn after the age of 20 you will have to deal with the culprit is their aging! Lead: as the saying goes, a white cover three ugly, as long as the skin defects, you can more easily than others look old age 5-10. And face a long spot, is the largest number of sunburn and chloasma, after the age of 20, you have to protect yourself against skin, facial spots too much influence appearance. On the face of the president which spots? On the face of the president which spots? Our common facial spots there are two kinds, one is sunburn, mainly because of the sun, and your sunscreen and after sun repair homework did not do well, melanin deposition in the face and formed a slight sunburn, below the general distribution in the eye and cheek. Melasma is due to the formation of natural aging skin spots, and the female body inside the female skin secretion, strong light and sun will deepen the color of melasma. In short, do a good job of sunscreen can prevent the emergence and deepening of the above two spots. So, how do we crush one by one to restore the skin flawless white? This action allows you to stay away from the skin spots   three from the skin spots 1, four seasons sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen must be round, not because of winter or spring and autumn sun light of small and weak and ignore the sunscreen, UV every year and always appear around you have to be careful. Summer can be used 50 times SPF sunscreen, other seasons can be changed to 30 times. 2, we must go home home remover remover must be on the same day to go out even if you use sunscreen, after returning home must be up remover, cleansing it can not only clean the dirt in the air and some cosmetic ingredients. Thorough remover to make the skin really flawless. 3, apply a moisturizing mask moisturizing mask deposited over the sun will be done after sun repair work, the sun during the day, at night to do more moisturizing, apply a moisturizing mask to add moisture to the skin, can reduce melanin, skin moisture is the most important method of repairing. Use facial mask chilled and calm the skin effect! Spots have appeared? If you want to spot, it may wish to learn this tutorial. Step1: use concealer to cover the spots do not leave traces with concealer to cover the spots do not leave marks if your spots have obviously affected your appearance, then you can use make-up products immediately pale spots. The specific method is to apply a layer of foundation in a spot position, and then use the concealer single product light spots, smear with finger pressing to prevent floating powder. Finally, apply a layer of loose powder. Step2: after coming home with a clean way deep cleansing cleansing + home cleansing + clean way deep cleansing skin even without spot, apply sunscreen home to makeup, if you have more skin spots to do the sun. Clean up a single product and then clean the skin and then clean the skin for two times. Step3: high precision high precision essence blemish blemish essence of many brands launched for the slightest blemish essence accurate blemish, the high concentration of blemish ingredients contained in the essence can penetrate into deep skin, accurate seeking and aiming at the dark pigmentation of desalination, reduce the probability of the formation of spots. Step4: Night Repair single product overlay use night.相关的主题文章: