Welcome the legend the eternal autumn day new clothes cybersquatting opens today 工号9527为您服务�����

Welcome the "legend" the eternal autumn day today to open 7.8 new clothes cybersquatting CGWR score novice card booking | eternal legend area lead: playing with the blood of the game, playing the most passionate battle attack sand. In September, "the legend of eternity" will be on September 29th 14 when rushed to open (area 4) opening day, and today (September 23rd) open new service registration activities. At the same time, a district six will also be simultaneously open Shabak siege warfare, Cemayangbian in Shacheng, this fall, will experience a different fighting passion! Prosperous explore new clothes cybersquatting open with previous similar, the account registration activities will be open today 10 points, as long as the registration page selection area four [] days pre charge 60 hours of game time, (36 yuan), can be stationed in. The role of the game will also be created on the same day, the specific registration time also please pay attention to the official website announcement. Prosperous explore new clothes cybersquatting to open the first charge feedback five activities help to celebrate the new service opening day, "the legend of the eternal" for the majority of game player for five big ceremony, to send 300 daily experience, reaching a certain activity, also brought the hero exchange advanced equipment; more permanent transfer package, the skill book, a variety of welfare and leveling game activities, see have a lot of surprises, not to be missed! The first charge feedback five activities will start with the power of feudal lords vying for the throne Shacheng hegemony opening day of the new service, the highly anticipated Shabak siege will also meet with the game player. Shacheng hegemony, marfa, feudal lords vying for the throne, which will once again set off a bloody. Who is the strongest warrior? Who will win the king of the crown of glory? Get ready for battle, combat readiness, the first post-war sand, everything will be seen! Shacheng hegemony will start the feudal lords vying for the throne will start Shacheng hegemony feudal lords vying for the throne "legend" is the eternal grand game using Unreal Engine 3 self-developed 3D lock MMORPG perspective of the large end of the tour, the Beidou studio is committed to creating, actor Liu Ye endorsement portrait. It inherits the occupation system tactics Road, retains the classic version of the original, the continuation of the strong characteristics of PK play. Don’t forget the heart again "legend" the official website of the eternal city of > > > "Legend of the eternal" Sina micro-blog > > > "the legend of the eternal" micro signal: cq-sdo "legend" eternal endorsement of Liu Ye > > > Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass that does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: