Media exposing telecommunications fraud nine new routines no free lunch – Sohu Finance matlab 等高线�

The media to expose the telecom fraud nine new routine: no free lunch – now the Sohu Financial Telecommunications fraud, has not only send a SMS notification of winning, or "leadership" called to let you go to the office so simple trick. Beijing Morning Post reporter inventory of telecommunications fraud nine routine to help consumers keep their eyes, see through scams. The most important thing is that in the deluge of personal information today, there must be a string in mind – no free lunch. A routine "your account has abnormal changes of funds" liar first stole the victim of online banking login and password, through the purchase of precious metals, such as regular transfer demand manufacturing operations bank outflow of funds on the card. And then call the customer service to confirm whether the phone is for me to operate, and agreed to give the user a refund cheat user trust. A liar will once again through the internal capital account transactions, making user account funds returned the illusion, but because of the existence of transaction fees, so internal account transaction amount generally than before the refund amount is smaller. Next, a liar will use the victim of online banking transfer operation, or to open fast payment operation, and select the SMS verification code way to verify, in this way, you will receive a message authentication code on the victim’s mobile phone. Finally, the liar in order to limit the refund on the grounds that the victim immediately to provide their own mobile phone received the verification code, the victim once the SMS verification code to the other party, the other party succeeded. How to break: almost a seamless heavenly robe. The most simple and effective way is to immediately dial the bank’s official customer service phone verification, don’t believe any initiative, is claiming incoming phone call. Two routine "you suspected illegal" you suspected money laundering, "you are suspected of illegal fund-raising, you need credit for criminal responsibility", these are posing as public security fraud pretext. This approach is not new, but because of its very intimidating, do not understand this kind of fraud is easy to fall victim to. Now a lot of liar by changing software disguised as the official customer service phone, but if the victims really dial back, general will be able to see through the scam. There are even "upgrade": scammers to free items on the grounds, to guide the user through the telephone orders and cash on delivery of mail, if the user refused to sign for delivery or return, with the tone of public security fraud threats to users, fraud. How to break: do not easily believe that strangers call, if someone said he was suspected of committing a crime, you should first dial 110 inquiries. Or to ask friends around, can quickly see through the scam. Routine three, you ride × × flight canceled the phone booking ticket has become a network of air vents. Crooks lied to change the refund and other reasons, guide people into the phishing site, false number, to transfer the trap. Tencent in the second quarter of 2016 anti telecommunications network fraud big data report shows that this type of fraud up to 44%, becoming the mainstream of network fraud. The crooks can accurately reveal the names of the victims, the flight information can be obtained by the name change compensation for fraud.相关的主题文章: