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The Internet repairer who can break out in the enterprise landing music, Alibaba, Baidu and other Internet has burst into the car after exercise, followed by the traditional car prices executives quit the Internet car prices, the world’s first music as a super car, Wei to automobile and automobile OEM agreement signed, all this indicates China version of the Internet car will become a reality. Recently, as the first annual output of 400 thousand cars built ecological floor factory in Zhejiang Deqing; the original car home founder Li Xiang founded the "car and home" announced its annual production capacity of 300 thousand units of smart car manufacturing base in Jiangsu Wujin national high tech Development Zone construction. The Internet car prices on the manufacturing plant investment and construction, seems to give the doubters suit a reassurance, some people on the Internet car prices can make what kind of car is full of expectations. In the wave of the Internet repairer, the traditional automobile manufacturing companies began to try in electric and intelligent, customized. Undeniably, this will become the future industry trends. The traditional car manufacturers and Internet companies repairer, who can compete in the future come out on top? LETV Zhejiang super car factory project started to break the barriers as everyone knows, the car has always been a capital and technology intensive industries, more than 100 years to build industrial barriers, and a short duration of time can break. BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu, Geely chairman Li Shufu has said publicly that many Internet companies just hype and concept cars. Some Internet Co choose similar to the mobile phone industry OEM mode, is also facing many problems and challenges such as process control, quality control and supply chain management. But the barriers are being broken. "The real technical barrier to the traditional car companies is the engine and gearbox, if the electric car becomes the mainstream, then the challenge for the future of Internet Co will be a great challenge to traditional car companies." UBS Securities Research Director, Asia China automotive industry research director Hou Yankun told the "First Financial Daily" said in an interview with reporters, as the field of scientific research issued a MediaTek mobile phone chip, the mobile phone manufacturers in the field of technology competition directly to the chip, the car electric will make the car industry lower barriers to entry, needs and barriers on the brand has also been gradually broken. The Internet car enterprises into promoting the vitality of the industry. Tesla is the world’s first into the people’s lives in the Internet car prices, then, more people will describe it as a walk out from Silicon Valley, with the Internet gene on the car company. Cool appearance, let a person shine at the big screen in the control, the traditional car body is not the common technology configuration, and the direct model of order form. These features are indeed very Internet, Tesla was hailed as the automotive industry, catfish, but he did not stand on the opposite of traditional companies. In the Modle S after a hit, there is no essential difference between the path by Mask Tesla head and traditional car company head walked on, digging around full R & D team, launched the entry-level models as well as the construction of large-scale battery factory, the core parts of the supply in your hands. SAIC vice president, general manager of the passenger car company, technology center director Wang Xiaoqiu told the first financial daily.相关的主题文章: