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Foreign media: Russia to prepare readiness inspection Putin to rule the world – Sohu Military Channel 25 to 31 Russian military readiness to conduct surprise inspections for the three war, which by some western media quickly brought as a "belligerent" and Putin to the West show muscles evidence, even the media said Putin "for third times World War preparations". Some neighboring countries accused of this exercise by common consent "Russian threat to peace and stability in the region". The Russian ambassador to NATO representative said that the assault readiness inspection to improve the combat effectiveness of the armed forces, no threat to other countries. According to Russia’s "independent" reported on 28, from the 25 day this month, Russian began to assault readiness inspection, covering the southern military region, Western military region, the Central Military Region and the Beihai fleet, commander in chief of the military air Department, airborne command is also involved in the exercise, all forces into full combat readiness. Currently, the mobilization of the work has been completed, began to enter the drill ground held military exercises. 28, 2009, the Russian airborne troops from the Volgograd State Department of motor vehicles of more than 1 thousand and 200 km, to Crimea exercise field exercises. "Putin is preparing for the third world war." Network News Australia 28, analysts said, the Russian action is the largest scale in the past year and a half, this is the former NATO near the Russian border for joint military drill in response to Russian assault readiness exercises along the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea to. Also believe that Putin is preparing for the Third World War, American Broadcasting Company, 29, said, as is known to all, the rule of the world in the conspiracy of Putin". Assault readiness inspection is a new ring in Russia, a series of military exercises in the area near Ukraine. United States, Newsweek, said the United States and European leaders should know that the key to solving the crisis in Ukraine is to deter Russia, rather than war". "Today Ukraine" quoted the United States, said the spokesman for the The Pentagon, said the name of the Russian military exercises near the border in Ukraine to deploy troops, the United States will pay close attention to the development of the situation. The United States "inquirer" said Russia in Ukraine near the Russian troops, worrying the real intention and the "Eastern war" very likely. The article said that the next month is an excellent time to invade russia". Deputy director of the Ukraine Department of Defense Intelligence Bureau J Ki Bombitz Ki said that this exercise may pose a threat to Ukraine, Russia to build the attack exercises under the guise of cluster, to take further action, including the attack on Ukraine last week, the Russian border regions in Russia and Ukraine gathered a large number of troops. Georgia’s foreign minister Jane Liz said the Russian military exercises as a threat to regional peace and stability. Lithuania’s defense ministry also believes that this exercise was not announced in advance, resulting in tensions with neighboring countries. Poland also held an emergency meeting by the military command of the various theater command, military intelligence and military counterintelligence agency leaders to discuss the Russian military inspection. Poland’s defense ministry said that Russia’s attempts to pressure the provocative exercises in European countries and the United States in the G20 summit, Poland will maintain close contact with the allies. Poland ICTV website quoted University of Warsaw professor Malicki analysis, said Russia held"相关的主题文章: