Duthel Te took photos of Native Americans kill Philippines in Obama’s 霍金hawking

Duthel Te took photos of Native Americans kill Philippines in Obama ‘s original title: East Asia Summit "Crazy" at the Duthel Te and then into the media spotlight [Global Times reported] the eleventh East Asia Summit (10+8 Summit) end on 8 in Vientiane, the symbol of ASEAN and East Asia Summit ended. In fact, in 8, the East Asia Summit, is still the focus of attention of the world media Philippines conflict. Agence France-Presse said at the East Asia Summit, Walter made a furious speech". A place in the Indonesian diplomats, Du Ritter Vicente put Obama’s face, come straight to the point about that year in Philippines, the American colonial period to the locals brutal military killing. He told us about the damage caused by American colonialism to Philippines, leaving a lot of problems left over by history, including the serious problem of drug abuse. Duthel Te also took out a picture of the American soldiers who killed the native people of Philippines, saying: "our ancestors were killed by them. They’re here to talk about human rights." In a speech by Duthel Te, a diplomat described the meeting hall as "quiet and shocking."". At a press conference after the summit, Obama reiterated his remarks on the South China Sea issue. But in the subsequent questions link, the South China Sea is obviously not a national reporter, not even the focus of the u.s.. In 4 the United States delegation to a reporter’s question, there are two people are directly or indirectly related to Obama and Philippine President Duthel Te’s "abuse storm", another problem is how he sees the Republican presidential candidate Trump on the ASEAN trip was a "humiliation" criticism. Only an American reporter asked the day before Obama and Duthel Te in a brief conversation before the dinner when he apologized to each other if abuse incident, and asked whether Obama promised that the United States will continue to help Philippines "back China"? Obama said he urged the "right way" to implement the anti crime war in conversation with Duthel Te, and said to Duthel Te before the comments do not mind, he will not give up cooperation and a country. Prime Minister Li Keqiang attended the China ASEAN (10+1) leaders’ meeting in 7 to shake hands with the hands of the president, has become the focus of attention of national journalists. Liu Zhenmin said at a press conference, Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Walter spoke specifically mentioned sympathetic condolences to Davao recently victims of terrorist attacks, the support of the government of Philippines’s efforts to combat terrorism and ensure that East Asia will not be affected, as terrorism turbulence in conflict areas of terrorism. When asked whether it intends to China and Philippines held bilateral meetings, said Liu Zhenmin, Walter since taking office, issued a positive signal to improve relations with China, the Philippines also have various channels of contact, we believe, is confident that through the joint efforts of bilateral relations will be improved. Next year, Philippines is the rotating presidency of the ASEAN conference, we also hope to strengthen cooperation between China and the Philippines, the Philippines to support the ASEAN series of meetings, which is conducive to Philippines, is conducive to China, but also conducive to regional stability. The "Philippines daily" said 8 days, news director of Philippine President Andana in the office of Vientiane, the press conference said that Chinese and.相关的主题文章: