Three new board market is not only the lack of private profit model to be developed wegener肉芽肿

The new three board market is not only the lack of private profit model to be developed Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Two years ago, the new board full implementation of market making system, hundreds of firms involved, making services for thousands of listed company, the market turnover has become one of the most popular trading mode in the new third board market. However, it now appears that the new three board market did not achieve the desired effect. An unavoidable reality is that the market, compared with the non market company, and did not show much advantage, either the exchange rate or valuation, both are not too bad. So that some of the new board in recent years, listed company asked to withdraw from the market making mode, return to the previous agreement transaction model. At the same time, as the only broker can participate in making market institutions, but also face the problem of lack of profit model. In previous years, the market, the broker can barely support, to this year’s business has been a large loss. The day before, as an important reform measures this year three new board market, to develop the relevant management of private equity funds to participate in the new board making system. As a result, after the completion of the preparation and audit, private equity funds will become the second class after the market maker. At the forum, the new board high-rise development strategy a few days ago, deputy general manager of the National SME share transfer system Sui Qiang clear, share transfer system is the difference of layered arrangements around the market, private participation in market will soon launch. For such initiatives, market parties are welcome. The introduction of other institutional investors to increase the types of three new board maker, in the market maker system is still in the initial period has been put forward. It can be implemented, regardless of how to perfect the system, or to promote the development of three new board, were high hopes. But the problems follow. From the current published relevant system design point of view, the private equity fund market maker qualifications, set a high threshold, the vast majority of private equity funds may be because of this or that reason was rejected. According to this threshold, in the near future to be able to become a new three board market maker of private equity funds, the number is probably not more than 10. In such a large market, put in so few "catfish", making private institutions qualified quantity is not enough, can be said to be an utterly inadequate measure. Further, in my opinion, this two years, three new board making system has not achieved satisfactory results, the main reason is not a market maker is too single, and there is no feasible profit model. Especially in the context of the market weakness, the market maker can not afford to support the stock price in a reasonable position, the operation can only be irrational cycle. The basic function of market makers, to maintain liquidity related shares in the company, and subject to all aspects of the new third market, but the lack of liquidity, good result, a market maker operating pressure greatly, on the other hand, too, is difficult to achieve the expected goals. Now, open private equity market making, because there is no background of private equity brokerage, in terms of improving the liquidity of the transaction varieties相关的主题文章: