Japan also has an accident Note 7 smoke at KansaiApt Airport 残清1864

Japan also had an accident: Note 7 at the KansaiApt Airport and Note7 smoke smoke incident on October 21st news, according to news agency quoted the Japanese media reports, Japan’s transport ministry said a foreigner carrying the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone Note7, smoke incident occurred in the country’s International Airport in Kansai. According to reports, local time 18 days this month, at noon, at the Kansai International Airport International Line exit checkpoints, a foreign passengers have been found with the Galaxy Note7 mobile phone, the inspectors told him according to the latest notice of the government of Japan, the prohibition of carrying a mobile phone boarding. Subsequently, the passenger said he had no problem unloading the battery. As a result, when the battery is removed, the phone suddenly smoke. It is reported that the first Samsung mobile phone smoke incident occurred in japan. Japan’s Ministry of land and transportation believes that if the phone carrying a boarding, it is likely to lead to cabin fire. It is understood that, after the launch of the Galaxy Note7 phone in August this year, it will be sold in 12 countries and regions in the world, but there is no sales in the Japanese market. In addition, a number of airlines worldwide have previously announced, in order to eliminate the security risks from now on a comprehensive ban on passengers carrying Note7 boarding. U.S. Department of transportation had previously announced that all flights are prohibited to carry Samsung Note7 smartphone, the ban is extended to flights around the world. The Japanese Ministry of land and transportation from the beginning of 15 to prohibit passengers carrying this phone boarding.相关的主题文章: