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The listed company purchases Paul shell the most simple: the capital market can be described as the "hand of God" Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Huang Fan public opinion center Chinese listed companies in the property market is hot, Shanghai residents to buy a house before the divorce, after the purchase of Hangzhou on the eve of sales with POS the night went to Shanghai signing machine. Capital markets will naturally join the fun. September 20th, *ST Ning Tong B announced that it will be publicly listed by way of the Beijing property rights exchange Xicheng District two sets of real estate transfer in Beijing. Media evaluation, said that if these two properties can be successfully sold, then the probability of *ST Ning year turnaround will be greatly increased. Announcements, book value and value evaluation of quasi transfer of property, the original value totaled 2 million 147 thousand and 100 yuan, as of the end of July 2016, has depreciated 849 thousand and 700 yuan, a total of 1 million 297 thousand and 400 yuan net book value. After the Chinese Appraisal Co. Ltd., as of the valuation date July 31, 2016, namely *ST Nanjing B intends to dispose of two sets of real estate book value of 1 million 297 thousand and 400 yuan, the assessed value of 22 million 726 thousand and 200 yuan, the added value of 21 million 428 thousand and 800 yuan, value-added rate of 1651.68%. "Real shell" to notice a natural suction eye. There are also media to sell real estate to save the listed companies in the crisis on the move to get rid of the move called "the hand of god". Backtracking media reports can be found, *ST Nanjing B is portrayed "abjection noble" image, because of the reason The family is in straitened circumstances. had to sell their assets. *ST B belongs to the central enterprises Nanjing Putian Group subsidiary, is the predecessor of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Nanjing communication equipment factory, engaged in data communication, cable communication, wireless communication products, computer multimedia and digital television and other high-tech products, some analysts said the company of noble birth, but compared to other companies in the industry and market, but the crane tail. Therefore, there are comments divergent thinking that *ST Ning B the sale of real estate, the possibility of the existence of the loss of state assets. However, for the company, the behavior of the real estate is not only to improve the cash flow of embarrassment, but also to protect the seats of listed companies is of great significance. Although there are comments shouting routines deep, but the sale of property may be the company’s life-saving straw. Listed companies to protect the shell, has resorted to selling do not exhaust all the skills, it is a strange thing, but *ST Nanjing B why can cause the market attention? Probably also in recent years with the increase in prices, but also the price of Beijing, it is not. If the real estate can be successfully sold, according to the value of 22 million estimates, not only to achieve the first half of the company turned into a profit loss, but also higher than the first half of the 942 A shares of listed companies net profit. It also has a voice said "so my brother, the other listed companies in the market was floating struggling here to find the subject there rubbing with the integration of resources, but the profit is less than you sell two houses". Coincidentally, although routine deep, but the A stock market still has a lot of other listed companies in the sale of real estate in order to protect the safety performance. September 29相关的主题文章: