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"Nine lives" meow star song MV Maoku variable rap star entertainment Sohu – "nine lives" fixed gear posters Kevin Spacey’s version of the cross overbearing President Kevin – Spacey buy gifts for her daughter to click into the [HD Photo] Sohu Entertainment News Comedy Film "nine lives" in September 9th in the domestic release, only this the majority of fans as Mr. Maoku negative expectations, and a new yaoezi! Since the last hangover by physical threat, Mr. Maoku immediately learned this, not everywhere staged ten round, turn to enter the entertainment industry, turned to the tail when the rap star, beat DJing with meow claw, to guide a MV, the sporty MV Light Humor show the film’s main story and actor’s meow like life, MV is also the protagonist Mr. Maoku, but he seems to be in MV or difficult to control the scourge of overbearing nature, farce become aggravated, naturally brought more hilarious surprises for the long-awaited audience. The comedy film "nine lives" by Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, Jennifer – Garner and Robbie – Amer starred in Hollywood star, the film tells the story of being overbearing president actor one day suddenly turned into a spell in a cat as a pet, the home made and made a general turmoil. Series of hilarious slapstick stories. As the film support video clips have been exposed, in the movie actor into the "Maoku Mr." at home and abroad, a sharp rise in popularity, with overbearing personality and vigorous subtly malicious agility and forever a classic look cheap playfully adorable face, became the most concern in film history meow star, let many viewers love to hate, circle countless powder. In today’s movie released this MV, Maoku brings his legendary life experiences into a dynamic RAP, the lyrics still does not change its color, "listen to this, there is only one chance, the tail beat, this is trying to" meow star, pop star. Is to do a full range of children in place. MV as the protagonist, "Mr. Maoku in life’s heroic deeds" has also been legendary reproduction, either by the president to become lost the incredible cat, or by "despair and humiliation in the eyes of the bath, the most incisive enough to reproduce the Oscar winning vivid acting; in addition, as a whole the first song meow star people’s musical director, Mr. Maoku is also very professional with headset, friction in the record" meow claw, the devil’s pace ", professional DJ image immediately glorious up, it will capture a group of loyal fans for their human crazy. For Oscar and the Golden Globe Award double winner Kevin – Spacey, hardly can’t handle the role, but he played in "nine lives" in Tom Brand (turned before) and Mr. Maoku (New), which is rare in the career experience challenges. For Chinese audience, the "house of cards" politics in the old fox will become the "nine people" in the president’s light is to think this is exciting. In the trailer has been released, Spacey’s performance has brought a strong expectation of many fans,!相关的主题文章: