Xiamen, a man’s market to steal the phone because of the unique identification of a good grasp quick dnf商人吧

Xiamen, a man stole a cell phone because of the unique identification of a good grasp of the police quickly caught a glimpse of him. Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (reporter Wen Tu Shu Fang correspondent Chen Liming Yan Qiujiao) perhaps, he had his hair proud, not tall but then, he passes through the high streets and back lanes; but it will regret your personal independence of conduct. Because it’s the hair that betrayed him. In October 27th, Chen was arrested on suspicion of theft of mobile phone vendors, Xinmin police station. Ms. Wu Lu Xinmin stall in the market, more than 3 at 27 PM, Ms. Wu to take care of business, did not pay attention on the table below the mobile phone was stolen. Receiving the alarm, the police immediately and obtain the relevant monitoring, found a tall man. The police concluded that the suspect should be in the vicinity, immediately screenshot sent to undercover group, expand hunting. Message into the group, immediately responded. "Familiar, three or four months ago I also stopped to check him, surnamed Chen, a plainclothes police said, because Chen hair too unique, impressed him:" both sides of the hair shaved, intermediate hair stand up". The police described the hair is a few years ago the popular Mohicans head. The police immediately took the staff rushed to the shelter ambush, more than 8 points that night, the suspect was wandering in the home near the entrance, the police found Ms. Wu’s mobile phone in the body of chen. Chen admitted that more than 3 pm in the markets around the neighborhood, see Ms. Wu’s mobile phone unattended, they had a "bonus" of the heart. Currently, Chen has been in administrative detention, the case is still under further review.相关的主题文章: