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What is the purpose of Andouble’s visit to Cuba? The desire to help break the nuclear deadlock after the original title: the Cuban revolution’s huge debt free phase, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo arrived in the Cuban capital Havana in September 22nd for a two day visit, the Cuban revolution became the first visiting Japanese government leaders. Cuba and Japan during World War II broke. In 1957, on the eve of the Cuban revolution, Cuba and Japan diplomatic relations, but the relations between the two countries has been very cold. Until 2003, when he was the supreme leader of Cuba, Fidel · Castro visit to Japan, the ancient Japanese relations have eased. Last May, the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio’s visit to Cuba, broke the deadlock of high-level exchanges between the two countries long-term interruption. In this context, the purpose of Andouble’s visit? Enhance the sense of improving relations between the Kyodo News Agency analysts believe that the United States and Cuba last year after a lapse of 54 years, restored diplomatic relations with Cuba, countries to improve the growing trend, in this situation, Japan also hopes to improve relations with Cuba, enhance Japan in international affairs in the sense and influence in Latin america. Reuters reported that 22 published in the official newspaper of Cuba, "Granma daily" published an interview with Andouble, Andouble expressed the hope that during the visit with the Cuban leader of trade, investment, development cooperation and strengthen tourism exchanges and other issues. Debt relief open Andouble also offer a gift — before it visited Cuba for the visit to Japan on the enterprise, and the Cuban government signed the relevant documents, from Cuba about 120 billion yen in debt. It is reported that Cuba has about 180 billion yen on Japan, mainly Japanese exports to Cuba, some of the goods did not receive the payment of the loan and deferred repayment period of about 30 years of loan interest, etc.. Japanese media analysts said the Japanese side believes that the huge debt has become a new economic cooperation between the two countries and Japan to enter the Cuban market barriers, it is necessary to be cut. Voice of Germany believes Abe’s visit to help Japanese companies to open markets in cuba. According to statistics, there are currently a total of 700 foreign companies in Cuba, only about 18 Japanese companies. Talk about the nuclear issue for help with the Cuban leader Andouble also exchanged views on international issues. Kyodo News Agency pointed out that Japan hopes to maintain a good relationship with Cuba, North Korea, so as to promote the settlement of the North Korean abduction of Japanese issues, missile and nuclear open to play a role in the opening of the current impasse. Reuters also reported that Andouble also hopes to explore the problems and reform of the Security Council of cuba. Some analysts believe that Andouble’s visit can also be regarded as part of his efforts to fight for Japan into the constant. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: