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Many departments to recruit bullying prevention focus on things in advance after the "Beijing core reading day before, many departments jointly issued the" guidance on students’ prevention of bullying and violence ". "Opinions" not only explicitly to eliminate minor crimes need not bear any responsibility for the mistake ", also raised concerns about whether students have trance, promote the video surveillance system full coverage, repeatedly violent students when necessary to school specific initiatives. Experts pointed out that any situation is not allowed in any form of violence, we must do a good job early detection, punishment and education simultaneously, to prevent the victim was two times. Bully, verbal and physical damage, blackmail and impose exactions on…… The frequent occurrence of campus bullying and campus violence has affected the physical and mental health and safety of students, and has been widely concerned by the society. The day before, after the Education Steering Committee of the office of the State Council issued the "notice" on the special treatment of bullying, the Ministry of education of the central comprehensive management office, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security and other departments, according to the students’ bullying jointly issued the "guidance" on students’ prevention of bullying and violence, from the effective prevention and disposal in accordance with law, form 3 aspects of primary and middle school students in prevention of bullying and violence demands. Unlike in the past, the "opinions" put forward specific initiatives, such as "focus on the students with or without grades, suddenly fell in a trance, abnormal emotion, absenteeism and other abnormal performance and causes" banned students from carrying knives and other dangerous items into the school "and" promoting the campus and the surrounding areas of public security video surveillance system "cover" for incorrigible, repeated bullying and violence of students should be registered and its performance in the evaluation of the overall quality of students, when necessary to special schools "," the guardian shall be investigated for legal responsibility etc.. Prior to eliminate "minors do not need to bear responsibility for the mistakes of the" opinions "put forward, to conduct a comprehensive education for bullying, violence, stressed that" the elimination of juvenile delinquency need not bear any responsibility for the mistake "to firmly say" no violence, bullying". "In the hearts of the perpetrators, bullying is often considered tolerable." Pei Tao, a consultant at the Nanjing Normal University’s Center for mental health education and counseling, is under the guidance of this false perception that bullying and violence are common. "Opinion" clearly, in any situation in any form to resort to violence, are not allowed. Only in the primary and middle school students in the mind set of "bullying" harm to others "violation of law breakers" concept, to guide them to correctly judge the side of bullying, violence, fundamentally collapse bullying violence breeding soil. To effectively curb the incidence of school violence, "heart" and "air defense, anti matter, anti technology" are equally important. Wuhan University Institute of Education Sciences Dean Cheng Sihui said, in the school safety management, physical defense has been relatively more attention and protection, air defense problems also have the corresponding provisions of the responsibility system. The multi sectoral introduction of the prevention and control of student bullying and violence, opinions, the school safety management as a preventive student bullying"相关的主题文章: