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Which constellation love for the pursuit of love (Figure) which sign that she is seeking for warm welcome, or mildly red light? 12 constellation female who loves for seekers? What is the reason they prick? Now as you uncover the mystery (see the sun and Venus, > " href=" swe " target=" _blank" > check your natal chart > > NO.1) Virgo virgin female especially Venus virgin girls will not consciously to deliberately make things difficult — even if her heart is actually love each other and she will keep distance with each other. She is a girl that modesty is important, but she felt not let each other easily succeed, otherwise oneself in each other’s mind will be no weight, so she will try to keep the distance. Plus the virgin female and the pursuit of perfectionism, offbeat ideas, and when she felt when the other is not perfect will find each other to design many barriers, can persist to show good faith, she is willing to give way. NO.2 Gemini double children for a naughty, how can she’s extremely intelligent to make it easy for you? It’s too hard to face, so if you want to catch up with Gemini, practice your heart first. Maybe she was with you yesterday, today also jubilant dark clouds on the beam with joy, you Bulibucai, capricious, elusive, something she will play in the pursuit of practical joke, heart is very upset her, but an unsettled state of mind., hiding in the corner Touzhaoyue: who let you challenge, challenge is to pay the price drop. Want to succeed? There is a strong willpower and extreme anti pressure ability. NO.3 if you have Libra high resolution, extremely keen analysis and patience, also want to extremely tenuous emotional challenges, went to the pursuit of Libra. She never hesitates, always in sway, always so uncertain, and her ideas are always free so weird and sensitive, sometimes she is cold than the iceberg iceberg, sometimes a casual little care you can let her be moved, and sometimes you dug a small action will make the nostrils she raised the banner of John, she never really wanted for who, but she is not a sense of security is too volatile. NO.4 Sagittarius do not think that the shooter looks like the sun is very thick line that she is very good…… Wrong! Absolutely wrong! The Sagittarius woman is actually a pretty stick to their ideas, she really care about each other is not her type, if not, you will spend more time thinking is useless, no matter how you make all the tricks, she can be resolved, or even take the initiative to find a way to each other out. Different and deal with Virgo Libra, facing the Sagittarius woman, the more you insist on more heavy casualties. NO.5 for general Scorpio Scorpio girl she promised to date you let your basic half success, but if you do not like her for her reaction is strong, if she doesn’t love you,.相关的主题文章: