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Hong Xiuzhu: Taiwan did not engage in " independent conditions; " don’t have the guts of Sohu in the military channel, according to Taiwan media reports, in the face of the US election, the Democratic Progressive Party insiders, Trump’s election victory, means that since 2012 began to layout, want closer relations with Hilary Cai Yingwen "bets", from the Democratic Progressive Party of the Taiwan "Deng" strategy will also be afraid of variables. The day before, Sally Wu interviewed just participated in the peaceful development of cross-strait forum of the KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu, as the U. S. presidential election in Taiwan, and the future of cross-strait development topics of conversation. Hong Xiuzhu bluntly: there are a lot of "Taiwan independence" separatist believes that if Taiwan has a problem, the United States will send troops to help Taiwan, that is a very naive, especially after Trump took office, I think on the one hand, he is not our. The following is the text record: Sally Wu: after the Trump administration took office, the government may have what kind of impact on the Cai Yingwen? What will be the impact on Taiwan’s policy? Hong Xiuzhu: it is well known that Cai Yingwen was completely betting on Hilary’s body, and not only so, I speak bluntly, she kissed girl in the office after "". Of course, when Trump came to power, she might have to find a way to get in touch with the Trump administration. We also know that the United States is today in many places are not to take care of themselves, there are a lot of "Taiwan independence" separatist believes that if Taiwan has a problem, the United States will send troops to help Taiwan, but we know that it is a childish idea, especially as Trump came to power, I think on the one hand he is not our. Sally Wu: like you said, after Trump took office may change some policies, such as his opposition to Global trade, against TPP, Taiwan has been hoping to join the TPP and RECP (regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement "), do you think will have what impact on Taiwan? Hong Xiuzhu: there is no way to Taiwan into a regional financial system, hoping that time Cai Yingwen completely in the TPP above, if the United States now abandoned TPP, like RECP, is dominant, so you can’t get your cross-strait policy, this may also have problems, you need to add the fear is also a problem, is quite large the impact on the economy of Taiwan. Sally Wu: after Trump came to power, it was felt that the United States abandoned Taiwan theory, which will have an impact on the relationship between Taiwan and the United States? Hong Xiuzhu: if abandoning Taiwan theory is very high, I feel a part of Taiwan people, they have no reflection, for a long time, they’re wrong, in the face of such a situation, he will again to think, Taiwan in the end should pay attention to what it is, especially on both sides the relationship between. We have repeatedly stressed that cross-strait relations are the most important of all policies. Because, the number of tourists to Taiwan in 2016 plummeted, in mid September, the tourism industry of Taiwan autonomous self will take to the streets, shouting to Cai Yingwen. The government also announced the promotion of tourism in Taiwan.相关的主题文章: