Yangtze River map to declare the best foreign language film Oscar Silver Bear Award-rewrite攻略�

"Yangtze River map" to declare the Oscar best foreign language film won the Silver Bear Award – Beijing from Beijing Beijing 3 September Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) reporter from the film "Yangtze River map" tablet informed, the film is ready to send data to choose Oscar for best foreign language film. At present, the information has been sent to SARFT approval. "Yangtze River map" won the sixty-sixth Berlin International Film Festival, "outstanding contribution to the art of Silver Bear Award (photography)". The film tells a story between Qin Hao’s captain Xin Zhilei played with the Yangtze River woman, when a man standing in the headwaters of the Yangtze River upstream, looking back, the ultimate pursuit to understand women. According to the producers said, "because the innovation of the Yangtze map" the film structure, and excellent performance of the image universally recognized overseas distribution companies and Film Festival, ready to send data to compete for the best foreign language film Oscar. At present, the information has been sent to SARFT approval. However, the reporter learned that the forthcoming September 8th National release of the "Yangtze River map" and Berlin Film Festival award-winning version, narrator is reduced by 2/3, but did not change the re production of sound music, movie sound effect to the extent of exquisite expression. 4K version of the color has also made a lot of adjustments, viewing the feelings of the Yangtze River was completely wrapped. The release of the "Yangtze River map" and will be submitted for the same version of the Oscar prize. For the difference between the art film and commercial film, director Yang Chao said, watching the art film is the feeling of love, commercial film to meet the physiological stimulation can be likened to paid services. Qualified domestic art films less than 10 per year. On the current film market, director Yang Chao borrowed this argument, said the audience likes watching the movie art needs more emotional investment, watching a year of art film is equal to talk about five love. Referring to the current status of art film market, producer Wang believes that the development of the film industry to a certain scale when the number of theaters and the number of screens to reach a certain amount of time there will be an artistic film living space inflection point". For only one or two weeks of life cycle of commercial films, art films have more dimensions of vitality, a global market, there is a long release period overseas. In addition, producer Wang said, in order to make everyone better in the theater to watch the 4K version of the Yangtze River map, the producers did not sell the film’s network copyright. It is reported that in September 8th the "Yangtze River map" theaters nationwide at the beginning of October, the "Yangtze River map" will be in the United States on the line. (end)相关的主题文章: