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Students wear ring finger cut star stuck fire ridicule (Figure) – mother Beijing, fire officers and soldiers help Zhang cut ring. Jingchu net news (reporter Hu Chuanbin correspondent Hu Chuanbin) now more and more people show, especially teenagers, appear Starchaser behavior of different forms, full of tricks, the night of 22 September, Nanzhang County, Xiangyang city in a high school students because of the recent hit drama is a star of the faithful " " powder;;, bought a star engraved with the name and date of birth of the ring worn on the hand, but because of the small finger stuck, resulting in finger swelling pain, helpless to help the Nanzhang fire brigade, its success helped lift " star ring " problems. September 22nd 22 am, Nanzhang County Fire squadron to a pair of mother and child, hurried to the front of a sentry duty, mother face anxious look said " comrade, my son’s finger was stuck in the ring, can help us to handle it, " the cadres on duty that situation, immediately organized officers and soldiers prepare equipment, and asked and see the fingers stuck. After asking that the stuck finger is a student surnamed Zhang from Nanzhang one, due to the special love of a star, specially bought a star engraved with the name and birthday ring worn on the hand, did not expect to find in the night my ring finger is red, he tried to remove, but without success, and accompanied by pain, then he immediately told the teacher and his mother, his mother took him to the hospital immediately, the doctor told that this situation must be removed so that the ring blood circulation, but the hospital can not be removed under the ring, immediately took him to the fire brigade for help. He cut the ring engraved with the name of the star. Correspondent Hu Chuanbin photo fire brigade saw a " Zhang; star ring " with the ring finger, a steel ring, because it was a long time card, poor blood flow, the ring finger has swollen purple black color, if not timely consequences be unbearable to contemplate, ring underneath the fire brigade immediately organized cadres on duty Mr. Zhang is on the card in the finger pieces, use wire pliers gently in the ring cut, because the steel ring has high elasticity, cut into half ring when line clamp has been unable to cut, then the fire brigade use pliers gently will cut the rest of the connecting part, and the other side is cut in the ring, the success of the ring removed, relieve the ring card hand problems for Zhang, Zhang’s mother sighed, repeatedly thanked the fire officers and soldiers, and quips " and Zhang you; Where to buy the ring, the quality is so good, should give a five-star praise ". Here, the fire brigade reminder, with rings, rings and other items, must according to the size of wear, to prevent wear due to improper finger stuck.相关的主题文章: