The U.S. Apache to join the battle of Mosul is responsible for the destruction of the is vehicle-嘿嘿taxi

The U.S. "Apache" to join the battle of Mosul is responsible for the destruction of the IS vehicle data figure: Apache The Pentagon 7 revealed that in the recapture of Mosul battle, U.S. Apache helicopters to help the Iraqi army to destroy the extremist organization Islamic state Dutch act for attack, a vehicle packed with explosives. The Pentagon spokesman Peter · Cook said, "Apache in the battle of Mosul" effect". "We look forward to this kind of agile and accurate combat capability in the future of the difficult battle, continue to help Iraq win." But U.S. officials said, in the battle of Mosul in the use of "Apache" small number, only 10 aircraft. Previously, Americans rarely use the "Apache" in the fight against extremists in action, especially in the end of Griess valley. Apache helicopters flying at low altitudes, flight speed is less than the fighters and bombers, making it more vulnerable to enemy fire, causing casualties. US President Barack · Obama; promised not to use the U.S. ground forces operations against the Islamic state, but with the Iraqi government forces encounter difficulties in the battle, Obama made adjustments to the policy. U.S. military special forces to launch a number of arrests or destroy the Islamic state leader’s actions, the United States military advisers also deployed closer to the front of the place. (Xinhua Xu Liyu) [micro].相关的主题文章: