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Is Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan really likely to compound? The Sina entertainment column some mysterious boiled entertainment events this year is really. Wallace Huo Ruby Lin ten years friend becomes love, Stephen Fung met Hsu Chi at the end of twenty family dependents…… So we are in Jerry Yan Lin Chiling. Taiwan media suddenly exposed news, Jerry Yan brother in vino Veritas "Jerry Yan Lin Chiling had reconciled, so CP party are boiling. The news media is actually being quoted since August 13th to "fans love gossip grow Association" broke the news, nature is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Then the media called Jerry Yan and Lin Chiling’s agent, did not get a response. But you said that they were not composite has Weakness lends wings to rumours., traces. Just a few days ago, news leaked Jerry Yan Lin Chiling shared broker, which explains the relationship between two people in private is good. I Taiwan Oprah Xu Shengmei, attended the event, said "I believe that the two did not break, they just feelings. In July, Zhi Ling and Edison Chan’s sister Jerry Yan is micro-blog war of words, openly expressed support for Zhi Ling: and March Zhi Ling sister "in the mood". When recording sister was Bachu friends, her bedroom interior was like the Jerry Yan family, which also caused about two people in the same conjecture. You go, is last year’s Golden Horse Awards, Zhi Ling sister incarnation of "my girlhood" in the forest really, and Jerry Yan space fit, then she sent micro-blog also posted this picture and praised by fans for the micro-blog CP composite, the party who don’t want excitement the. In addition to these are Holmes like Netizens found evidence, two people’s mentality has changed. At the beginning of the year, Jerry Yan and Ruby Lin party, after drinking frankly: Mom is old, I want to get married. Coupled with the surrounding friends such as Ruby Lin, Zhou Yumin, and his wife, one by one, married, married, he wants to be more likely to get married, the mood is more intense, such as, and so on, he said: "Vanness Wu". Lin Chiling shooting a pictorial in September also said, "now only get married this adventure never tried! Maybe one day a sudden lightning marriage, should be the greatest adventure in life." This period of time Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan The imprint is engraved on my heart. feelings began two personal fame, to Jerry Yan because of "meteor garden" fame, is around 2002, began a scandal. At that time, Zhi Ling’s sister was a little young model is not known, so the media are consistent caliber Lin Chiling wants to borrow Jerry Yan’s computer. Although two people together is certainly not in order to hype (because when they are together is not red), but many people do because of Jerry Yan’s rumored girlfriend and know the Lin Chiling. We started in 2004 Lin Chiling fame, Taiwan media was elected as "Taiwan first beauty", and Jerry Yan’s sex scandal has intensified. But two people are not admitted from A to Z fell in love, only to say is "good friends". About two people love the real hammer, after the 2005 break out of the two. Lin Zhi at that time相关的主题文章: