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How to cultivate the small press star "   " author; tailored to the author would like to – the media – original title: small agency to cultivate a "Star" and the author is related to the quality of the book, as a book editor, only based on the author’s manuscript processing or amendment suggestions. Therefore, the author’s writing level and the depth of research in a certain area play a vital role in the book. General book editors who love the author of noble character and high prestige has rich writing experience, professional knowledge level. If the author has a humorous speech ability, have a strong sense of promotion, it is simply the publisher’s baby. However, such a star is a minority of the author, and they are also more critical of the publisher’s choice, the ability to edit a very high demand. Therefore, for these star writers, many editors can not be expected. For some small and medium-sized publishers, the author’s resources are very few, the editors of these publishers need to develop their own. I would like to think that the author had planned a "planning the best of their own". The author was recommended by a friend. The author is the first time to write a book, not really understand writing skills. And she is very busy, every time while her business trip to Beijing for 2 hours, I can with her brief communication 1, we mainly rely on e-mail communication. At the beginning of the book, I found her professional level enough, has 10 years of experience, but her writing estimate reader is not easy to accept, the language is too specialized. So in the form of writing, the structure of the arrangement, the title of the book, the cover design, I detailed planning. The author calls for extremely high, designed for the cover of a ring, the press probably designed more than and 30 programs, the title of the mention of the more than and 10, many times to pull down again. In the strict requirements of the author, which lasted 3 months, and finally the author affirmed and finalized. After the publication of the book, won praise from readers, I received a number of readers of the phone, asking the author to give guidance. Whether it is the quality of the book or the market effect, the author is very satisfied, we have become good friends. According to a period of time, I intend to launch a career planning book for middle school students. After a friend, I met the author Liu Linlin. She is a master of psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been engaged in the career planning of secondary school students, is a lot of career guidance in secondary school teachers. She has her own studio, professional enough, but she has not written a book. In order to cultivate the sense of the market, I found the books related to her, let her learn how others Moupian layout, how to construct the syllabus. I also use the "good mother is better than a good teacher" a book to her, tell her the greatest feature of this book is that reading is very kind, like his family happened, and the author of a lot of experience to help readers. I suggest that Liu Linlin build a catalogue first. A month later, she sent a catalog. I look at the layout confusion, the structure is not clear, the purpose is not strong. Although each section is very practical, but the text is not very reasonable, some of the contents of the section does not belong to the scope of this article. )相关的主题文章: