Yang Kun new song come home with me style big change lyrics funny funny-若槻ゆうか

Yang Kun song "follow me home" style changes and witty lyrics – Beijing, Beijing, November 11, today is the day, Yang Kun song "home with me" national issue. The song changed Yang Kun’s music style, not only the lyrics and mischievous and playful, melancholy music form collocation identification of Yang Kun very voice, have become divine potential. From all the so-called "no" for having heard it many times to "empty city", and then to today’s "home with me", Yang Kun in music and singing on the road, in addition to bring outstanding works to fans outside, also has been constantly seeking breakthroughs and innovation, will show you more possibility for everyone. "Follow me home" Zhang Ling and author known as a pioneer of Chinese music chief Beth hand, China rock music and Bruce music. And always love the music of Bruce Yang Kun, recently in the "battle" program sounds had subversive adaptation of singing Mavis Fan’s "sweet", adding some wind and old Blues feeling to enrich the music specially arrangement of. This time, Yang Kun, Zhang Ling, Bruce two favorite music man played a piece together, to seek a breakthrough, his personality and Western musical elements together, add a different flavor to this day. "Follow me home" not only singing, songwriter surprise, this song by the United States to participate in all the musicians, and were recorded in the United States, it is full of sincerity with divine sister. This song sounds "Liao Mei" songs specially chosen in the double eleven national release, is another highlight of this song. Insiders said, some people may see only the lyrics of the funny and naughty, it is not secular, also is not the vicissitudes of life sentiment, put it all in the form of music written out to sing out, sing a mature man experienced self deprecating humor and deep emotion. Do not over the moment, "follow me home" is like a glass of wine, a companion to accompany you to dig dig pit of the stomach.相关的主题文章: