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In the two teenage dropout changed a number of players in the gaming fate? Now use the word winner to win the life of the 55 open understandable, IM boss, restaurant owner, policewoman husband, luxury car luxury room, alas, but also to say god horse, is capricious. But when watching the 55 live broadcast when we found that the original 55 was actually a junior high school culture, but also did not read the situation in junior high school. 55 open 55 open on the air blew their own junior high school level, and even did not finish junior high school, my God, this is the knowledge to change the fate of it, I am not satisfied. Broke the news live to face their own culture, ah, powerful, also said that we must be read, it is easy to say that many of us to read more books would not be so like 55 so successful. 55 true life but now, as the only LOL a changed pattern of online gaming overlord, created a huge gaming market at home and abroad, both events, broadcast, video games or Tencent, because LOL and earn pours. As the core personnel in the gaming industry, many game players also changed the fate of. In addition to the 55 open, many well-known gaming players in the industry before are addicted to the Internet or ordinary people, but through their efforts to win the money and status. Declaration of death — "two" dropout from Heilongjiang Li Weijun is the declaration of death of the LPL League in the Northeast only child, love fitness exercise declared 2 hours a day, has an enviable figure, doubt has more time than his fitness training game time. Declaration of death declaration at home is to open the computer room, at the age of 4, he began to contact the computer game, the young declared the conflict of two studies, dropping out after reading, head into the business dad’s computer room, it is dismissed as a "two" (the second grade junior high school dropout drop boy). In the LOL beta stage, was declared the game to attract, by virtue of their talent on high segment, and met Lucky Lucky, the declaration into the EHOME corps, then embarked on the road of gaming occupation. Gogoing – unknown confused youth 1991 Gogoing high horizon was born in an ordinary family in Jiangxi in Shangrao, when working parents in high altitude, he followed grandparents grew up, with the words now left-behind children". Junior high school is at boarding school, he learned over the wall out all night on the Internet, and therefore make home big contradiction, once cut three days to play the game, out of the house by his father, brother also once despair. When the Big Brother Big brother after graduating from high school, because of poor grades did not choose to go to college, do cashier, delivery, live errands in the parents’ clothing store, big brother still work every day to go to Internet cafes to play 3 hours, if there is no choice gaming, big brother this life so ordinary and ordinary spent. Until the brother met LOL, within half a year the first summit of three District Telecom, OMG received the invitation, so there is a later story, let him ushered in the rebirth of gaming. Uzi.相关的主题文章: