Nintendo software hardware sales fell half a year loss of 5 billion 900 million yen-魔界骑士イングリッド

Nintendo software hardware sales revenue loss of 5 billion 900 million yen per month, recently, Nintendo announced its September 30th semi annual report from April 1, 2016 to. Compared with the same period in 2015, Nintendo’s sales fell a lot. The results show that Nintendo’s sales for the past six months was $1 billion 300 million, compared with $1 billion 900 million last year, down by 33%. At the same time, Nintendo’s revenue also fell: half a year, Nintendo revenues of approximately $57 million, compared with $86 million in revenue last year, also dropped by nearly 33%, the overall operating loss of 5 billion 900 million yen (about $56 million 500 thousand). Nintendo announced earnings also issued a statement. The statement said that the main reason for the loss of the Nintendo Co this year and the yen appreciation. This year, the yen and the dollar exchange rate rose by about 14%, so Nintendo in the 2016 quarter of fiscal year second of foreign exchange losses of up to 4 billion 900 million yen (about $47 million). In this case, Nintendo will hold its baseball team (Seattle Mariners) Seattle seaman part of the stock sold won the "return" investment securities sales record, the actual number of $5 billion 950 million, half of which belong to the Holding Company. In addition, with the hot Mobile Games "Pokemon": the launch of Go, Nintendo said in its earnings report "will promote the" Pokemon "series of old and new, including the sale of software products, so as to promote sales increased 3DS. This is especially true in markets outside japan." In the six months, a total of 2 million 700 thousand 3DS host sold, this data has improved over the same period last year. According to Nintendo’s statement, because WiiU did not launch the host this year and "mother" and "super jet squid Mario made" the same level of work, so the hardware and software of the platform sales than the same period last year dropped a lot. In the six months, WiiU hosts a total of 560 thousand units sold over the same period last year, this figure is set to 1 million 100 thousand. Nintendo launched the interactive toy ornaments Amiibo also because of the lack of new games and sales decline. In half a year, the model of Amiibo cumulative sold 3 million 800 thousand, while the card type Amiibo sold a total of 1 million 700 thousand. In addition, according to earnings, due to the reduction in the number of new digital content during this period, Nintendo digital store sales compared with the same period last year also has a larger decline. Nintendo’s next "Pokemon: the sun and the moon" and 3DS version of "super Mario" are regarded as a phenomenon of the software, Nintendo has greatly can achieve high turnover in the two software. In addition, in November, Nintendo will release the classic remake of the NES host (NES Classic Edition) and the new iOS Mobile Games "super Mario run" (Super Mario Run), they will add some color to the financial performance of Nintendo this year, slightly sad. Money.相关的主题文章: