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7 year old boy was sitting off thigh recess slapstick students (Figure) original title: 7 year old boy students were sitting off the thigh! Just break slapstick, he could not stand up…   think it is bad! Just bear children between naughty slapstick who knows the child was sitting off the thigh! And the poor baby who was sitting on his lap was only 7 years old this year! This makes mom and dad more distressed! Nanjing gossip Island elementary school freshman year, Xiao Hao, as a result of the play when the students sat down on his thigh, resulting in thigh fractures. To spend more than 40 thousand for medical expenses, Xiaohao bed still unable to move. 7 year old boy was sitting thigh off in Nanjing Baguazhou students, the reporter saw at home in bed Xiaohao, originally lively child, because the right femur just installed Xiaohao plate, only 24 hours a day in bed, unable to move. 7 year old boy was sitting off thigh students Xiaohao (a pseudonym) Grandma: cut off the right thigh. Children affected by such a great sin, money, not willing to! Spent more than 46 thousand in the hospital! 7 year old boy was sitting on the thigh classmate Xiao Hao can not go to school for at least a year, but also let the family worry is that Xiao Hao may leave sequelae. A naughty child slapstick, how will cause so much damage? Xiao Hao recalled the October 17th noon incident. Xiao Hao: I grabbed his clothes, he did not let me pull his clothes, he accidentally fell down on my lap, I want to stand up, but can not stand up. Nanjing Baguazhou center primary school 13 class teacher arrived, touched a little Hao Hao, sore, also cannot stand. So quickly call both parents. Who will pay for accidental injuries on campus? Xiao Hao and Xiao Ming usually are good friends, often play together. The school believes that this incident is purely an accident, the school does not exist regulatory responsibility. Xiaohao father Liu: the school let me advance, then there will be no sound no picture, don’t call me, don’t ask me how. After that I took the initiative to call the principal, the principal said the school has no responsibility. Nanjing Baguazhou center primary school 13 class teacher: our school will do such work, especially the first grade children, teach every day, to talk to them every morning, Thursday will class, to Caution!, not slapstick, which can do a dangerous game. Nanjing Bagua Island primary school moral education teacher also said that the school in the corresponding time to do education management, you can ask the child, you can check the record, no problem. It’s all done, and this is an accident. The school is not willing to bear responsibility, but Xiao Ming parents in advance 1000 yuan, also no message. Xiao Hao’s medical expenses have been spent more than 40 thousand, but there will be follow-up treatment. Who’s going to pay for the damage? The lawyer made a clear suggestion that the parents and the school should bear all the liabilities for compensation. Jiangsu law firm lawyers Wu Bo: this responsibility is jointly and severally liable, the school for minors, especially 1 Peng相关的主题文章: