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Fuzhou Botanical Garden Nature Education Center will be inaugurated from Hong Kong and Taiwan natural tutor – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in October 30, (Lin Chunyin) twenty-sixth Fujian wild animal protection publicity activities and the Fuzhou botanical garden nature education center opening ceremony held on 29 Forest Park in Fuzhou. Responsible for Birding Association of Fujian Province, the center of the operation said the possible future introduction of Hongkong, Taiwan’s natural mentors, carry out public ecological education. The newly established Fuzhou botanical garden education center by the Fujian Provincial Wildlife Conservation Association in conjunction with the Fuzhou botanical garden jointly completed, mainly by pictures, natural handmade works, animals and plants living specimens, such as the carrier, show Fujian local ecological communities of different types, and the development of natural ecology and wildlife protection publicity and education. The little volunteers painted the faces of the young audience. Chen Xueling photo Fuzhou botanical garden education center with Fuzhou botanical garden, natural conditions and ecological advantages, to visit the guide + + natural natural notes + natural hand "mode, so that the general public and friends to participate in interactive. Rich and colorful content to let the parents come to visit the family happy. Fujian birdwatching society volunteers will cudweed, vernoniacinerea, mamillata, ainsliaeafragranschamp, Solanum nigrum, Oldenlandia, pine nuts, horse hooves, Actinidia, Kummerowia, Setaria palmifolia, Crotalaria plants, vivid "plant 12 zodiac group together," the small view people feel interesting. Scene audience interest. Chen Xueling photo Beijing, the reporter learned that, in addition to indoor and outdoor display guided tours, the center also brings together the teachers and volunteers training, academic exchanges, cross-strait cooperation, cooperation, protection design and other functional materials. President of the Fujian provincial Birding Association Yang Jin said, will rely on this base to carry out ecological education of teenagers. In the future we will design a lot of understanding of plant, bird watching, night view and related activities, natural Summer Camp Camp, will be introduced to Hongkong and Taiwan’s natural ecological education supervisor, to carry out some activities on the public." (end)相关的主题文章: