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Ningbo University to break the problem: "Dead Sea" was a historic breakthrough in pomfret artificial feed – Beijing Beijing in November 15 Ningbo Xinhua (reporter Li Jia correspondent Wang Huqing?) in breeding farms, silvery artificial breeding Pomfret ‘parade and gathering in crowds and groups, jumped on the hanging table to eat…… The director of the Xu Shanliang Institute of Marine Aquaculture Department of Ningbo University lamented: "these are swimming pomfret research team with 16 years of research for all family property, they are the seed resources realize the industrialization of farming, every one is very precious." Recently, the Ningbo University research team announced pomfret: after 16 years of efforts, has successfully overcome the various technical problems this year, artificial farming were broodstock number reached nearly 10000 tail, this is so far the most fish artificial farming were pro record. Pomfret in the East China Sea, yellow Hainan yield more, is currently the main object of the East China Sea fishing. Before 2010, the annual output of Pomfret remained at more than 100 thousand tons, production after the hairtail. However, by 2013, the amount of fishing in Zhejiang Pomfret is only 85 thousand tons, and the annual decline of about 10 thousand tons, even fishing system, current situation can not change the pomfret less. Some experts worry that, at this rate, in another 10 years without Pomfret can catch. In order to save the taste of this tongue, artificial breeding has also been put on the agenda. Over the years, the United States, Japan and other countries have to break pomfret artificial breeding problem, but with little success. Why is it so hard for artificial breeding of Pomfret? The director of the Xu Shanliang Institute of Marine Aquaculture Department of Ningbo University told reporters, contribute to the digestive organs and feeding habits of the esophagus is unique, there exists a unique "side capsule" structure, so that the food can not be directly into the stomach cavity, slowing down the speed of eating. In addition, exposing a variety of diseases in aquaculture argenteus mainly "white spot disease", and "wind disease", "gill rot disease, Lymphocystis Disease", especially the "white spot disease" was the highest, sometimes the mortality rate as high as 80%, and repeated attacks. From 2000 onwards, Ningbo University have to assume the pomfret artificial breeding technology research "," artificial breeding technique of silver pomfret, Pampus argenteus factory breeding technology research "," fish scale breeding key technology research "project of science and technology. After gradually mastered the characteristics and habits of pomfret, the researchers have explored and improved, finally clear the gonadal development and reproductive cycle of farming were and the effective accumulated biological law; through the application of new technologies may feed, greatly improve the breeding rate and pomfret fish growth rate; found the jellyfish is a specific nutrient the source of the silver pomfret, Pampus argenteus jellyfish detoxification and special nutritional needs, in 2016 found the key technology for disease prevention and control of the pomfret. Through technical research, fail test, finally, artificial farming were obtained historic breakthrough in this year. However, after all, is the silver pomfret Pampus argenteus, different from other aquaculture species. Despite the current scientific and technological personnel have made significant technological breakthroughs, but there is still some way to go from the industrialization. The Ningbo University research team said, will continue to persevere, to crack the mystery of pomfret)相关的主题文章: