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4 college students "hole cave exploration accident relief in men’s original title:" four college students of Jiangcheng cave exploration "found a man lying inside the cave man lying on the foam board, the body covered with plastic cloth new culture Jilin news (reporter Li Hongzhou)" we went to the cave "exploration", did not expect a person at the bottom of the cave lie!" 20, four students in Jilin city to play in Longtan Mountain Park, found a "cave man", was scared. After returning, they are more and more at ease, so contact the relevant departments, second days went to a trip…… When playing, found the hole in the man Yang students is a sophomore in Jilin Technology College of Electronic Information. The 20 day is Sunday, he and three students meet to Longtan mountain site park. "We are four boys, compared with the spirit of adventure, went to the Longtan prison above the Wushu gold cave landscape." Yang said the students, there are fences blocked, there are warning signs, usually do not allow visitors to enter. They entered the cave, the cave found relatively broad, can hold four or five people to walk about two meters in height. "We opened the mobile phone flashlight, walked about one hundred meters, gradually to the bottom. Walking, suddenly found lying inside a person! Was scared at the time." Miss Yang said, a more than and 50 year old man wearing a black shirt, dark trousers, wearing a black hat, lying on the foam board, the body covered with plastic cloth, and curled up, hand is disabled. "We be asked him, what’s going on here, why not go home? He said that the home is in Jilin, do not want to go home, want to quiet here." Yang asked another case, the man is no longer words. The four of them came out of the hole and went back to school. Contact rescue management station to go back, we can not let go." How does a man live in a cave on such a cold day? Will not be in danger? Is not the family is anxious to find him…… Think of this, Yang Tongxue will call the Jilin rescue management station phone. According to the rescue station staff, Yang students reflect the situation is relatively vague, so they meet second days in the morning to look at the past. The 21 day at 8:30 in the morning, the young students under the leadership of the relief station three workers walk up Longtanshan Park, find Wushu gold hole, and saw the man in the cave. "He was in a worse condition. He could stand up and walk before he could stand up. But he said the heart panic, breathing difficulty." Miss Yang said, there are traces of fire, but no food, the man may have been hungry. Man has a taxi to leave the hospital rescue station staff asked the man. The man said that he wanted to come out from the hole, but the side of the limb mobility inconvenience, but did not eat for four or five consecutive days, physical strength can not keep up. Staff brought mineral water, instant noodles, bread and other food, to feed the man some food, and dialed 110 and 120, emergency personnel rushed to the scene, the man was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. Staff asked the man’s personal information, he said, the home in the Jilin hi tech Zone, because of his family and Jun相关的主题文章: