Sparrow hit drama play energy faith let youth goofy (video)-headache怎么读�

"Sparrow" hit drama play energy faith let youth goofy sparrow _54 > > > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment popular screen Spy Drama "sparrow" to form a national drama situation, to win the reputation but also gain the age of beliefs about the feelings of the audience in the play the main resonance, "only the motherland and faith to live up to the" slogan also let people feel. Speaking of faith, and now a lot of 90, after 00, may feel a little far away from their own. With the development and progress of society, more and more young people can absorb the knowledge and information, and the information transmission based on belief needs the appropriate medium and carrier. A lot of people on the "sparrow" idol lineup with disdain, perhaps in "running out of time" Liu Yunlong, Honglei Sun "Lurk" and "before dawn", Wu Xiubo, Li Yifeng, Zhang Ruoyun and other young idol really is still young, but can not be ignored is that the flow of a large number of young idol, originally not keen on the theme of revolution after 90 or even 00 also joined the army Spy Drama watch. We used to complain about the classic Spy Drama leave no successor, but forget the Spy Drama audience should have qualified successors. "Bloody show sparrow" the story of the war years, for national liberation, get rid of the invaders belief that all Chinese in the night before the struggle spirit, like the Communist Chen Shen and juntong undercover Tangshan sea camp is different, but at the moment, expel the Manchus and restore Chinese is that they stick together. Today, sit has been away from that era of war in the people in front of the TV, we are lucky enough to no longer as the hero that bloodshed, and the moment of freedom and strong, are here by countless such ancestors Chen deep faith foundation. Young people looking back history at the same time have to cherish now, grasp the future, it also needs to shine the light of faith. Faith in different times, there are different missions. The struggle for reform and opening up, people in 80s to achieve the four modernizations; in 90s the economic development of well-off society, people live and work in peace; cross century Chinese face information era, for the integration of the world economy. For the general public, to achieve a new period of "China dream" is all Chinese need to adhere to the belief that this drama and die for freedom fighters in the same spirit. Whitman said: without faith, there is no real land; without faith, there is no real character and life. Of course, faith is not preaching, instilling more not cramming, such as "sparrow" through the wonderful works to put into positive energy, should be more and more. Influence is the drama its strength and social responsibility. Continued to hit "sparrow", the drama director Jin Chen that actually had to do, is a can ignite the passion of the audience attitude, temperature, intensity of lead. The "sparrow" produced by week of light is confident: "I believe that the power of faith! With the sublimation of the theme behind, the hearts of the audience will continue to ignite the enthusiasm!"相关的主题文章: