Huang Xiaoming idol set collapse Since the black height even 165 are not (video)-mine_清翼

Huang Xiaoming idol set collapse? Since the black height "have not even 165" [Abstract] actor Huang Xiaoming has tall, handsome appearance, but no male god burden, often ignore the image from the black comedy variety show "tonight, most recently served as paramount", is a wig as "Shandong aunt". Huang Xiaoming starred in "the tonight show" Paramount Huang Xiaoming play Qingdao tonight "aunt" Paramount blockbuster hits Huang Xiaoming show muscle Wong Cho Lam amazing reproduction Tencent entertainment actor Huang Xiaoming has a tall, handsome appearance, but no male god burden, often regardless of the image from the black comedy variety show, most recently as "paramount tonight" that is a wig as "Shandong aunt", wearing a wig, head of super volume to speak with a heavy accent tone, from time to time and his own shout and wrangle, tell them out ridicule, fully show funny skill and acting! In the show, Huang Xiaoming was from Shandong’s aunt, and Wong Cho Lam’s "Huang Xiaoming" staged drama, and put all his embarrassments into play, in a funny way to entertain themselves. The skit, "Huang Xiaoming" claimed to have 180 cm, 165 cm in claiming to stand beside aunt, but was short on a big cut, aunt was asked coldly "insole?" "Sock insole?" "Bone?" To ridicule Huang Xiaoming often suspected of height fraud. In addition, Huang Xiaoming also took his wife Angelababy, his friend Zhao Wei also dragged in, in this spoof skit, he first aunt identity of "Huang Xiaoming" praise: "I really love your wife (meaning wife) to play the" Princess "inside the little swallow!" Then said Huang Xiaoming to work harder in the evening, so that Angelababy can quickly get pregnant, funny to everyone concerned about the topic are pulled in, very humorous.相关的主题文章: