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Ma Yili: I’m very glad to get back to life to take care of my two children [Abstract] business family business are good for Ma Yili, "most of the time your situation is satisfactory, but I must admit that I’m anxious." Ma Yili to attend the activities of Tencent (the thousand entertainment news also Yang TUA) in September 21, 2016, "Twelfth Chinese youth leaders hosted the Southern People Weekly" tribute ceremony held in Beijing. Ma Yili, Dong Zijian, and other young leaders award, such as """. The scene was asked whether or not to intend to regenerate third, Ma Yili shook his head and replied, "no, never"! Dong Zijian joked "I was a child, won the Young Leaders Award is overwhelmed by an unexpected favour". Su Bingtian from the perspective of track and field professional analysis if the Chinese track and field team to adjust the layout of the troops, there may be more than five years in japan. Ma Yili: I hate myself for being a perfect place for people to live with, and with Ma Yili, the young leadership award has come from all walks of life. From the age of 17, as an actor, Ma Yili said now do what actors have no technical content, "familiar". But recently, Ma Yili also encountered a bottleneck period. "Sometimes when you play in the studio, regardless of what they say about when you start questioning yourself, when you encounter a director told you are wrong, you crazy, this may be a dilemma in our job". The host asked Ma Yili to find her film about whether there is a reduction, Ma Yili said, "at present, there should not be. Because I am more adaptable. If my film is about to fall, I’ll be happy to go back to life and take care of my two kids". Ma Yili and "Chen Jianbin" starring "China relation" is currently popular video Tencent. Ma Yili played the role of the unflappable, always can perfectly solve all kinds of problems. In real life, Ma Yili said, "I hate myself for being a perfect person. I am now afraid of the media reported that I is a perfect person". Career and family management are good Ma Yili, for their own situation, most of the time, but I have to admit I will be anxious. Now my big boy is just eight years old. Anxiety is that my education may not be right, you may need a child for the next more than and 20 years, the child’s life will answer me right or wrong. So I can only be very careful, and children together to block this". As to whether there is a plan to have third children, Ma Yili shook his head and replied, "no, never"! Dong Zijian Dong Zijian: I was a child, really want to be an actor is from the year before to get the "Youth Leadership Award" Dong Zijian "," laugh at yourself overwhelmed by an unexpected favour I was a child. ". Actually, I’m surprised, I’m still a young kid". Although the age is small, the late entry, but Dong Zijian has with his acting to obtain a number of international and domestic title winner. And when it comes to really wanting to be an actor, Dong Zijian says, "the year before". "I was acting for the first time, acting as a" School of youth ", a little ashamed, but not for the sake of acting. In the course of the film, did not fall in love with the film or something. Later, I watched my performance in the United states!相关的主题文章: