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What to do with the acquisition of bank cards? The transfer of telecommunications fraud and credit funds shop yicai.com summer Xinyu don’t believe bank card purchase in some and investment banking, and bank card related online forums or social groups, from time to time to see someone post or thread, said to be buying the idle bank debit card, and even some of them claiming to be the "new channel" lazy banking, in order to attract business. In addition to network channels, pseudo base mobile phone text messages, street advertising, etc. has become the acquisition of information dissemination channels. "First Financial Daily" reporter in a written "long-term recovery of waste bank card" on the streets of a small advertising stickers read: "the long-term recovery of ICBC, ABC, BOC, CCB and other banks Bank debit card, the purchase price of 200 yuan ~500 yuan, cash settlement. Support environmental protection, if you are the one." Dumbfounding is that this so-called "repo" bank card, has also played the "environmental protection" of the head. Although this is not a regular purchase channels, most people would not be fooled, but also inevitably curious: a return to zero, the amount of the card overdraft no ordinary bank debit card, the card costs just a few dollars, why can turn above one hundred yuan price is acquired? What will be used to buy the card? With this doubt, this reporter from the Internet channel and an Internet forum posting unannounced visits to the buyers. With the closing price of double network silver shield for reporters on the purchase price of the question, the poster said, generally 80 yuan a bank debit card, debit card for four a 100 yuan; but for U shield or shield net bank card, the purchase price can be doubled, the highest can receive a 300 yuan. For transactions, he rejected a reporter’s "meet the transaction", but requires people to sell cards and bank cards will be sent to the designated Yindun network address. In particular, the cardholder is also required to send a copy of his identity card, and to write down the card password. "We’ll give you the money after confirming the password." He said. When reporters repeatedly asked to explain why the cardholder Id photocopy, the post is to card anyway, not a penny, you can have a loss "and other words to stall, and said they are" intermediary ", is the actual recipient of service. When a reporter asked who actually received the card, will not do illegal things, the name of the Post said it can rest assured". He said the reality, the card has a collection value, and then explained that the reason why the card password is to help the shopkeeper in the shop brush credit. These practices do not have the risk of cardholders. Involve a number of illegal activities in fact, above the name of the post, which is the root of the gray industrial chain idle bank card "two traffickers" rhetoric, is the collapse of itself. On the one hand, is close to the bank card business, are often dirty; on the other hand, with a silver shield network card purchase price is high, it is proved that there are large amounts of money online transactions demand. The acquisition of idle bank card fraud trap recently many ministries in the telecommunications network fraud punch.相关的主题文章: