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Tire before there will be signs of the points you certainly did not notice! Sohu – car last month end of the month a black Land Rover SUV in 102 National Road traffic lights Dingfuzhuang Village intersection explode accident, confirmed that the accident Land Rover SUV left front tire burst by the Public Security Bureau of Sanhe site survey and investigation, the car crashed into the middle of the road to the isolation barrier, tire debris caused two car bus driving relative damage. From this incident we can clearly see the destructive force of car tire is huge, a truck tire is equivalent to the power of a grenade. Today the old driver and car tire we talk about these things, to warn friends in the daily use of frequent inspection and supervision, to avoid the occurrence of a situation. If friends thought is just a flat tire damage, it completely mistaken. We can see from the accident one after another, even larger traffic, city road driving speed is not high, the vehicle tire will lead to rollover, runaway crash results more likely after the accident, to the other side and rear of the vehicle with secondary accident be taken by surprise. First, we must first find out why the car tire tire? A variety of reasons of diversity, there are lessons from the following reasons: excessive wear of the tire is the only car parts in contact with the ground, and the long exposure to the sun, was exposed to wind and rain torture, tire rubber will appear aging. In general, the passenger car tire service life is generally 3-4 years or 4-8 km, to reach any one condition, even if the tire is still relatively new, run less mileage also to be replaced in a timely manner. Tire aging speeding overloaded vehicles equipped with different tires according to the purpose of use, the maximum speed of safety and carrying capacity are carefully divided. If you use low speed level tires, so speeding, tires can easily withstand the pressure and tire. The overload is also an important reason for the tire burst, ordinary household car will because of too much, and result in a blowout probability increase. The package has the phenomenon of the tire "Scar" actually is another tire crisis, daily driving we will let the tire rub to curb or riding a shoulder parking, but this approach has some damage to the tire. If the tire appears to be bulging because of these abnormal forces, do not continue to use. Burst defects after the tire is punctured to repair a tire is caused by improper incentives, positive if the tire is pricked, according to bar level, but also through the tire to continue to use, if the side sidewall is scratched, is not resolved through maintenance, can only be replaced. The warning signs before then we burst in everyday driving, how to get the tire to early warning? There will be some signs of tire blowout, if you find the following in the period, please check and replace immediately: Tire bulge, foaming is common; the tire sidewall cracks and incision or tiny cracks; jitter suddenly appeared a moving vehicle, especially in the bumpy road; when the tire wear to tread groove depth is less than 1.6 mm. Above several conditions.相关的主题文章: