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Zhengzhou clean exterior workers because the elevator is not fixed fell to the ground dead many "Spider Man" choose this job, because of its relatively high wages in Henan Daily reporter Hou Jianxun photo Henan daily chief reporter Wang Junwei recently, Zhengzhou building, exterior cleaning workers because the elevator is not fixed and fell to the ground dead. Zhengzhou cleaning insiders know that this is not the first time this year, cleaning workers fall death accident occurred. Every time I heard that the cleaning workers or the sanitation workers accident, Henan province cleaning industry association secretary general Shi Zhiguo are concerned, he also called on the whole society to the industry safety concern, think of ways to avoid accidents. Remember: the accident was cleaner, love to sing "baojiegong all uncommon" just a week ago, Zhengzhou city building, the workers put up a shelf to cleaning the facades of buildings, but because there is no fixed lift, a worker fell to the ground, died on the spot. When he heard of the incident, he recalled that it was the fifth accident that he had heard this year. 46 year old Li Taiming, has been engaged in cleaning and cleaning industry for 8 years, and now a cleaning company manager. This year, he also heard of four or five high cleaning operation accident. Zheng Dong has a new development, this spring, its construction is still not completely finished, ordinarily do not have to do pioneer cleaning conditions, but the Real Estate Company to catch up, direct contact with several workers, cleaning the glass wall. At this time, the superstructure of the building construction. The unfortunate thing happened: using the above construction basket suddenly dropped, thrown out and put a glass cleaning workers smashed down, people were not. Now talk about it, Li Taiming felt sorry to hear that, is a very hard-working, a person is also very optimistic, love singing, but also for the cleaning industry into a scene, often sing: Liu Li brother speech too, who says women than men…… Men under the external hanging, the woman on the shelf, cleaning workers are extraordinary skill……" A little fresh life, just say no. Shi said that in the high-altitude cleaning industry, and even indoor cleaning, road sanitation, there are many dangers, accidents occur from time to time, he called on the community to be concerned about. Abductive: exterior wall cleaning wages is twice as high as the indoor cleaning the outer wall of the beauty of "Spider Man" in Zhengzhou, how many? No one knows the exact number, and it’s hard to tell the approximate amount. Some people say that large and small companies may have more than and 200, in addition to a lot of "guerrilla", practitioners may be thousands, or thousands of. But for the "Spider Man" in the face of danger, everyone can speak very clearly, that is their personal experience. 35 year old Tian Zhe, in recent years has been doing external wall cleaning and cleaning, because this work compared to indoor cleaning or security in the district to do what the higher wages, the family to feed, is a figure of high wages." It is understood that, in Zhengzhou, outdoor cleaning workers wages up to 450 yuan per day to $500, while indoor cleaning wages to be less than half. Although a lot of money, but it is hard, and often ")相关的主题文章: